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The Bachelorette 8: Emily Stands Her Ground

If you’d like to catch up on the season so far, visit Her Campus Mizzou for weekly recaps!  Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:  Sean/Arie/Jef/Doug are arguably the frontrunners so far.  Alejandro has pretty much gotten only 30 seconds of airtime.  And, Kalon and Ryan seem to be ABC’s villain picks of the season.

Here we go.

This week, there are 10 guys left and the traveling portion of the show has begun.  First stop: London. 

One-on-One Date: Sean

When in London, the obvious first date activity would be a classic double-decker trolley ride.  I was obviously distracted by all of the amazing London scenery until Sean and Emily asked a stranger to take a picture of them sightseeing.  Really?  Seems a little redundant…

They stopped for a little wine in the park and Sean shared that he hadn’t been on a date in a long time… What do you think: red flag or no?  Emily told him that guys who looked like him (A.K.A. super hotties) were usually boring but Sean was breaking that stereotype. 

The date got cringe-worthy as Sean and Emily went to a speaker’s circle.  Sean got up on a platform and professed his belief in true love and his feelings for Emily. yes”>   

Later they had dinner in a historically brutal prison, the Tower of London.  How romantic? 

{Back at the house they got the group date card that said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Props to Alejandro for being the only one to know this was a Shakespeare quote!} 

At dinner, Emily pressed Sean to figure out how many children he’d want to have.  As you’ll remember if you’ve been watching this season, Emily wanted more kids   Sean said “two, but he’d be open to three or four…or six or ten” and she was satisfied.  Sean got a rose easily!

Group Date

Or in other words, “The Date Where Emily Gets Angry”

Poor Emily was sick and losing her voice!  Lucky for her, the guys were doing most of the talking as they were assigned to perform scenes from Romeo and Juliet.  Lucky for us, the guys’ auditions were very amusing. 

Alejandro, John, Ryan, and Kalon were chosen to play Romeos.  Poor fellas.  To make things worse, Kalon shooed Emily off during their rehearsal.  Clearly the way to a girl’s heart is by telling her to run along?? Not so much. 

During the play, Kalon impressed Emily the least with his ‘intense Romeo.’  Arie impressed her the most by being a good sport about his role as the nurse.  All of this wasn’t as noteworthy as what went down after the play.

The Rundown: Emily had alone time with Arie and they made out a lot.  Emily had alone time with Ryan and he wooed her with a necklace.  When Doug heard this, he went straight to Kalon (who didn’t deny it).  Doug then told Emily. 

Emily’s quotes from her reaction speak for themselves:

“I want to rip his limbs off and beat him with them.”

“I want to go off and go crazy.”

“I want to go West Virginia hoodrat backwards on his (expletive).”

She immediately went out to confront Kalon.  The conversation was short and she sent him home right away.  Doug was right there after he left to ‘comfort’ Emily but she brushed him off and went to be by herself.  Emily told the guys that she was upset that they didn’t tell her about Kalon’s actions sooner and that they didn’t speak up and defend her during the conflict. yes”> 

One-on-One Date: Jef

Whew, after all that drama it sure was nice to get away from watching the group dynamic.  Emily and Jef went to have traditional afternoon tea with a twist- etiquette class!  Jean the etiquette teacher was quite amusing but was certainly obstructing Jef and Emily’s alone time.  The escaped at the soonest opportunity and headed to a pub.  That’s more like it.

Jef won over Emily by saying that if her daughter was baggage, she was vintage Louis Vuitton.  Their conversation flowed well but Emily was still shaken up by the night before.  So jealous.  They have a mutual knack for dropping the occasional expletive and the mood of their date seemed to be just what Emily was looking for.  He got the rose easily.  BUT DID HE KISS HER??  Oh yeah.  Jef learned from his missed opportunity in Bermuda big time. 

The Cocktail Party

Emily was on the warpath during this party.  She asked each guy during his alone time why they didn’t stand up for her and most of them didn’t have an answer that satisfied her.  Ryan was next, but could he lighten the mood?  Shockingly yes.  Even Emily was surprised: “He thinks he’s so smooth and can get any girl and here I am falling for it.”  Yikes. Sean was the winner of the night.  Emily said she felt butterflies in her heart when she was around him.Awwww. 

At the rose ceremony, Sean and Jeff already had a rose. Doug




Travis (Yes, the Egg Guy is sticking around)


Poor Alejandro got sent home after being invisible this season.

What do you think of Emily’s decisions throughout this episode?  Which guy would you like to date the most? 

Until next week in Croatia, collegiettes!

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