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‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Cast Includes A Rodeo Racer & *4* Nurses

Attention, Bachelor Nation: The new year is here, which means another season of The Bachelor is on the horizon. Season 27 of The Bachelor premieres on Jan. 23, debuting Zach Shallcross as the leading man looking for love. On Jan. 5, fans finally got a sneak peek at the contestants pursuing him.

For those who haven’t kept up with The Bachelor world, Zach Shallcross was a former contestant on the last season of The Bachelorette, which broke history by having two bachelorettes, Gabby and Rachel. Shallcross was a fan favorite and captured the eyes of many viewers, but he ultimately broke hearts when he decided to leave after the fantasy suites episode after Rachel questioned his ability to commit.

Shallcross, a 26-year-old tech executive, has proven that commitment is what he’s looking for, embarking on love by simultaneously dating 30 women to hopefully find his wife. Shallcross may be the bachelor, but we all know the real stars lie within the women fighting for his affection. See them all in the video ABC released below.

Shallcross has actually already met a few of his contestants, whom he met on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose. These five potential love interests are Bailey, a 27-year-old executive recruiter from Nashville; Brianna, a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Jersey City; Brooklyn, a 25-year-old rodeo racer from Oklahoma; Cat, a 26-year-old dancer from NYC; and Christina, a 26-year-old content creator from Nashville. After Shallcross met with his contestants, for the first time ever, fans were able to vote who would get his First Impression Rose via Twitter. Brianna won the votes from fans, which will save her from elimination the first week of the show.

Like any other season of The Bachelor, there are always women that stand out immediately. One including Brooklyn, the rodeo racer from Oklahoma — perhaps her career will help her stand out from the crowd. Of course, we have plenty of nurses as well: Genevie, a 26-year-old neonatal nurse from Baltimore City; Kaity, a 27-year-old ER nurse from Austin; Katherine, a 26-year-old registered nurse from Tampa; and Kylee, a 25-year-old postpartum nurse from Charlotte. There is also a nursing student in the running: 25-year-old Becca from Burbank. ​Another contestant that caught the eyes of fans was 29-year-old Viktoria E., a nanny from Vienna, Austria

Surely, this season will be one to remember. Season 23 of The Bachelor airs on Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. ET. 

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