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Authorities Name Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims & Here’s How You Can Help Them

On Sunday morning the names of the victims were released by officials, after 11 people were killed and at least 6 were injured in Saturday morning’s shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. It’s the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States. 

The chief medical examiner for Allegheny County announced at a press conference the identities of the victims, according to NPR. Victims included a married couple, two brothers, and members of the community ranged in age from 54 to 97. They were attending a service at the synagogue when gunman, Robert Bowers, entered screaming anti-Semitic slurs. The names of the victims are as follows: Joyce Fienberg, 75; Richard Gottfirend, 65; Rose Mallinger, 97; Jerry Rabinowitz, 66; Cecil Rosenthal, 59; David Rosenthal, 54; Bernice Simon, 84; Sylvan Simon, 86; Daniel Stein, 71; Melvin Wax, 88; Irving Younger, 69. 

A GoFundMe was set up to help the families of the victims and survivors. As of Sunday morning, the fundraiser has already raised over $300,000, and the goal is $1 million. 

“An anti-Semite attacked and killed several attendees to a baby’s bris at a Pittsburgh synagogue,” the GoFundMe description reads. “This fundraiser is meant to help the congregation with the physical damages to the building, as well as the survivors and the victims’ families. Respond to this hateful act with your act of love today.” All proceeds go will go straight to the synagogue and the Tree of Life community. 

Ahead, we compiled a list of other ways you can help or organizations taking action to stop mass shootings: 

Donate to Tree of Life

You could donate directly to the synagogue through their online donation portal or you can send in a check. It’s also on Amazon Smile charity, so you could donate a percent of your online purchase to the synagogue at checkout. 

Donate to Other Fundraisers

Two Muslim-American non profit organizations Celebrate Mercy and MPower Change have teamed up to raise money to help families with their funeral expenses and medical bills. The goal is set to $75,000, and it has raised over $50,000 so far. 

March For Our Lives

Students and advocates founded March For Our Lives in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting. The organization raises money for intervention programs and gun violence research, supports universal background checks, and limit gun trafficking.

Everytown for Gun Safety 

The organization Everytown for Gun Safety works to end gun violence by supporting stricter gun control laws. It also encourages people to vote, through get out the vote events and fundraisers for gun control measures. 

Donate Blood 

One of the best things you could do is to donate blood at your local donation centers. If you live in the greater Pennsylvania area, you could donate at Vitalant or at American Red Cross. 


But most of all, it is so important to stay informed on the issues, especially gun violence and gun control, and vote in this year’s midterms. By going to the polls this November, you can make a true difference and vote those who want stronger gun control legislation in the United States. 

Carissa Dunlap is a Her Campus News X Social Intern for Summer 2018. She is a current Publishing major and Journalism minor at Emerson College (Class of 2020). When she isn't perusing the YA bookshelf at the bookstore, she can be found watching dog videos on Facebook, at her favorite coffee shops, or relaxing on the beach. Follow her on Instagram @dunlapcarissa or Twitter @Caridunlap.