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Aubrey Plaza Tries to ‘Kanye’ Will Ferrell at MTV Movie Awards

If the MTV Movie Awards had a prize for most awkward (and potentially intoxicated) person in attendance, Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza would have definitley earned it after last night. 

So here’s what went down; while Will Ferrell was accepting the Comedic Genius Award, Ms. Plaza thought she would make a very surprising and uncomfortable cameo that even the funny man himself couldn’t help her rebound from. While Ferrell was finishing up, Plaza ran onto the stage, with drink in hand, and tried to  grab the golden award from him, in which the blightsighted comedian responded “Hey..what’s happening?” And just as quickly as Plaza lept onto the stage was she back in her seat, shaking her head and looking upset. 

“Just like we rehearsed it” Ferrell followed up after the encounter, “Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short…right on the money.” And while we don’t know the reason behind the very public mishap, MTV confirmed that the stunt was not planned and Plaza was asked by producers to leave shortly after. It was also noted that Plaza had “#THETODOLIST” written across her chest, the title of her upcoming movie that she stars in with Andy Samberg. 

Just a tip for Aubs; if you want people to see your movie, attempting to steal an award from American’s favorite comedian may not be the best way to go about promoting it. 

Check this video from E! News to see what exactly happened.  

Photo cred: E Online and screencrush.com

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