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Ashtin Earle & John Summit Might Not Be Dating, But Their Zodiac Compatibility Is Fire (Literally)

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Social media has a knack for magnifying every tiny detail about our fave celebs, and this instance is no exception. But could someone please explain why the Ashtin Earle and John Summit search bar keeps appearing in every TikTok video?

Supposedly, right after she was seen catching one of his electrifying sets over the weekend, fans have been shipping this unexpected duo. (The Summer Summit effect is clearly at play here.) Additionally, rumors have been swirling on TikTok about the two potentially dating after being seen at NYC Pride together on June 30, as well as a video on nightlife professional Nathan Leong’s Instagram story that showed Ashtin Earle and John Summit getting cozy behind the DJ booth at a July 2 event in NYC.

But the burning question remains: are John Summit and Ashtin Earle dating, or is it simply wishful thinking based on their potential as a cute couple? 

Jessie, AKA @dotstelmychicken on TikTok, possibly started the rumor when she posted a video about how she and Earle are now “spit sisters” since they supposedly both kissed Summit. Additionally, Earle posted a TikTok on July 1 with fellow creator Jake Shane, captioned solely with “Jonathan,” further fueling social media’s fire. While the details are fuzzy and there’s not a ton of proof, they would be a super cute couple.

The two could just be having fun, and I absolutely love that for them. However, it’s hard to ignore that these two would look so good together. And their zodiac compatibility? Well, it’s pretty great.

What Is John Summit’s zodiac sign?

Regardless of whether it’s a fling or something more, one of the most intriguing aspects of this potential relationship is their astrological compatibility — Ashtin is an Aries, while Summit is a Leo. Both signs are fire signs, known for their passion, energy, and enthusiasm, and such a combination promises a dynamic and exciting relationship.

Aries individuals exude confidence, independence, and an adventurous spirit. They’re natural trailblazers who thrive on taking the lead and discovering new horizons. Ashtin’s fearless personality and her eagerness to embrace challenges resonate deeply with these qualities. 

On the other hand, Leos are known for their charisma, creativity, and generous nature. They effortlessly shine in any setting, drawing others to them with their magnetic presence. Summit’s career as a DJ and music producer showcases his Leo charm, commanding the stage and captivating audiences wherever he goes.

Are a Leo and an Aries compatible?

When Aries and Leo unite, sparks fly, creating a celestial connection bursting with thrill and mutual adoration. Their union is a whirlwind of excitement and fervor, where every moment is infused with vibrant energy. Together, they thrive on thrilling escapades and adrenaline-pumping activities, making their journey together a constant adventure. This unique blend allows them to strike a perfect harmony between shared moments and pursuing their personal dreams. While both signs love to lead, they also understand the importance of independence, they inspire each other to reach new heights while cherishing the freedom to grow individually.

Earle and Summit’s potential romance is the perfect blend of star power, passion, and excitement. Their affectionate moments in the spotlight have everyone hooked, with fans eagerly tracking their journey. Astrologically aligned for a dynamic and fiery connection, their chemistry promises something special. Whether this sparks a summer romance or evolves into something deeper, social media will be watching — and so will I.

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