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An Arkansas Teacher Has Resigned After Racist Facebook Posts About the Obamas

A high school teacher has resigned after his racist Facebook comments about the Obamas were discovered by the Malvern School District in Little Rock, Arkansas, his now-former employer.

USA Today reports that Trent Bennett allegedly posted the comments to a local news station’s page, writing things like, “Michelle Obummer… America’s first chimp,” saying he was “glad to see that nasty chimp and her spider monkey hubby gone for good.” He also made claims that President Obama was born in Kenya. (Because we haven’t heard that one enough already – not.)

According to KATV, a local Little Rock television station, the Malvern School Board met Thursday night and quickly accepted Bennett’s resignation. In his statement to the station, Bennett said, “I would like to issue an apology for the outrage and hurt feelings caused by these comments. I acknowledge that they were disrespectful and offensive. I am aware of the impact this has had, and though I negate that I have ever conducted myself in a less than professional manner in regard to my students, I have resigned my teaching position at Malvern High School.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only incident of its kind this year either – a West Virginia official was lost her job back in November after making similar comments about Michelle Obama, referring to her as “an ape in heels.” Seriously people, can we please leave the racist and offensive comments about America’s first family in 2016 please?

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