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Here’s How You Can Find Out Whether You’re An “Okokok” or “Lalala” Girlie

Tyler, the Creator and Kali Uchis’s collab See You Again was nothing short of a cultural reset. Nobody could escape Uchis’s beautifully haunting vocals and Tyler’s romantic serenade, and honestly, why would you want to?

Now, nearly six years later, the song is undergoing a resurgence as a TikTok audio, particularly the two juxtaposing lyrics of Tyler’s “ok ok ok” and Uchis’s “la la la” which gives people the chance to make quippy jokes about contrasting personalities in our media and life. 

The sound had 640.5k posts, more than the 103k posts the song itself has. Each verse — #okokok and #lalala — have their own hashtags with videos discussing the two vibes, reaching billions of views.

So the question on everyone’s mind: how do I know if I’m an “ok ok ok” hottie or a “ la la la” girlie? 

Well, to figure this out, we need to define these sounds in terms of personality traits. An “ok ok ok” person lives in their body rather than their head. They are more physical, to the point, and mindful of the realism of the world around them. Consider signs like Aries, Virgo, and Aquarius. The “ok ok ok” person in your life may be deadpan or laid back in their approach to the world. 

A “la la la” person is a dreamer, a poet. They see the glass half-full and find it easy to engage in optimism and hopefulness. Think Pisces, Cancer, and Libras. They are romantics at heart and don’t hesitate to share this lovey-doveyness with the world. 

If you are curious to figure out which land you’re in, ask yourself how you approach problems and obstacles, how you treat your friends and lovers, and how you interact with the hobbies you enjoy. Do you try to figure out the problem logically or emotionally? Are you affectionate and cute with your loved ones, or do you show love more subtly (remember when ‘text me to let me know you got home safe’ was trending as a type of love language?) when your favorite show is on, do you scream and shout at what happens on the screen or do you react with facial expressions? 

What’s important to remember about the “ok ok ok” and “la la la” dynamic is that they work together and complement each other. The two personalities can coexist to create something as beautiful as the song itself. So, if you feel you may have a blend of both in you, embrace the mashup and enjoy the ride.

Or, you could always take an online quiz. Work smarter, not harder.

Ariana Martinez (they/them) is a Florida-based freelance writer and filmmaker currently pursuing a degree in cinema studies. Their work gravitates toward explorations of gender and sexuality in film and T.V., and they have a Youtube channel and website, Awake in the A.M., dedicated to film analysis. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and yelling at the television with their friends.