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Apparently the ‘This Is Us’ Finale is Going to Be Brutal & We’re Not Emotionally Prepared

Brace yourself: the This Is Us finale is officially airing in exactly a week – which is a good thing, because from the looks of it, we’ll be needing a full week to emotionally prepare ourselves.

In an interview with Variety the show’s creator Dan Fogelman dropped some hints about what we can expect from the end of the season next week, and spoiler: it’s not going to be easy. While on set of the season’s final episode, Fogelman described it as, “definitely the darkest place we’ve been,” and Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca on the show, elaborated.

“We’re going to destroy America by the end of the season. As if they don’t have enough to be upset about at this point in time anyway,” Moore told Variety. “But they’re going to be upset for a completely different set of reasons.”

Excuse me what? Not only is the show going to keep us in the dark about Jack’s death (which they’ve confirmed we won’t see in the first season), but they’re going to hand us even more to ugly sob over in front of our TVs? We’re not sure we’re ready to deal with all the feels.


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