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Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Have the Most Normal Proposal Story Ever, but It’s Still So Cute

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are definitely one of my favorite celeb couples. The two manage to reek of normality while still rocking separate careers, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re so cute with each other too. I’m even more convinced that they were meant for each other after hearing the story of Chris’s marriage proposal, which Anna recently shared on her podcast Unqualified, PEOPLE reports.

“We had talked about getting married and were living together,” she revealed. “One day I found a bag from a jeweler of the floor of his truck, so I knew something was coming.”

However, that “something” took quite a while to come around.

“My whole family took all of us to Italy and apparently he lugged [the ring] all around Italy and held on to it for a couple months,” Anna said. “I think I knew for like seven months, and so finally he asked me on my birthday.”

Thankfully, Chris finally popped the question, and they now have an adorable son, Jack, who has started fishing with his dad. While most couples probably don't get engaged in Italy, I love how Anna suspected the proposal was coming for so long, because it's just so normal. Even though both stars keep up busy careers, it’s clear that they prioritize their relationship with each other and their son, which is exactly how it should be. 

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