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Animal Identity

During an interview for an internship I was asked “if you were an animal which would you be and why?” Any idea as to why this was an interview question? What’s a good answer in the future?

This certainly is an interesting one to be asked in an interview — I’m curious as to how you felt about the answer you gave the first time. Interview questions do vary according to the company or position for which you are applying. There are more typical questions to expect, but every once in awhile an interviewer will throw you their version of a curve ball. My best guess is that the interviewer wanted to know which sort of animal you identify most closely with and which characteristics you admire. For example, if you chose to be a lion, this might exhibit your leadership qualities as well as your desire to be at the top of your class.

Now that you’ve faced this question and shared it with other readers, give it some thought. What are the characteristics and abilities of this animal that are attractive? Are they attractive because you see similar qualities in yourself, or because you wish to acquire them? The interviewer probably doesn’t really care which specific animal you choose. He/She is probably more concerned with the reasoning behind your choice.

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