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Amy Schumer Has Some Harsh Words for Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison has been an important part of ALL our lives. We can’t imagine anybody else delivering us the ~drama~ that comes along with the Bachelor franchise. For a while, he could do no wrong—but Amy Schumer took a moment to call him out over some of his comments from last night’s Women Tell All… and we have to agree with her.

Of all the women on bachelor Ben Higgins’s season, it was Jubilee Sharpe who has the most incredible background. A war veteran, she grew up in an orphanage in Haiti. At age 6, her three brothers and parents died; she and her 4-year-old sister went to live with their grandmother, until she came down with leprosy, at which point Jubilee and her sister were put into the orphanage. When her adoptive father arrived in Haiti, he tried to adopt both girls, but Jubilee’s sister had a disease that couldn’t be cured and as a result, was not able to be adopted.

When Jubilee sat down one-on-one with Harrison, the host took the word “complicated” and ran with it, implying, in a sense, that women need to be uncomplicated in order to find love. “I know you can’t control how complicated you are,” he said at one point. We weren’t happy with how he handled the situation—and clearly, neither was Amy Schumer.

Fortunately, Harrison is open to learning more about his mistake, agreeing to sit down with Amy over a bottle wine (isn’t this how every disagreement should end?). Our last question: Are we invited?

Ally Meyerowitz is a junior at San Diego State University. She is currently trying to pursue a degree in Journalism with an Italian language minor. She is a Jersey girl born and raised, and she will always be a Jersey girl at heart. When she's not scrolling endlessly through her Instagram and Facebook feeds, you can usually find her watching movies, hanging out with friends or eating chocolate. After college, she hopes to become an entertainment editor at a major publication in New York City.