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‘Amazon Prime for Women’ Has a Hilarious Solution to the Wage Gap

Just in time to celebrate Women’s History Month, Paul Gale, a comedian on YouTube released a tongue-in-cheek parody video of Amazon Prime starring actress Lauren Ireland. The fake advertisement showcases “Amazon Prime for Women”, a service that would give women 78 percent of products for 78 percent of the full price since women make 78 percent of what men do in identical jobs. Going even further than addressing the wage disparity between men and women, the video has promos for other fake services, including “Amazon Prime for Black Women,” where the buyer would get 64 percent of the product, and “Amazon Prime for Hispanic Women,” where the buyer would get 54 percent of the product, paralleling the fact that Black women make 64 cents for every dollar that a man does and Hispanic women, 54.

Gale provides a link in the description for viewers to donate to the National Organization for Women, while making clear that the video isn’t sponsored by the National Organization for Women.

This video comes in the wake of Patricia Arquette’s speech at the Oscars about wage inequality, Emma Watson’s push to make feminism mainstream, and International Women’s Day on March 8th. Gale’s video stands out from other representations of feminism in the media, though, because it makes references to the inequalities that women of color experience—which are often overlooked when we talk about gender inequality. 

“Regardless of the exact [wage gap] numbers, there’s a systemic inequality embedded in our society, whether it’s regarding gender, race, or sexual orientation,” Gale told The Huffington Post. “To have a platform to point at it in my own way and say ‘Hey, this! We should talk about this!’ is something I’m grateful to be able to do.”

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