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This Alleged ‘Feminist’ Writer Wanted Kim Kardashian Dead After Paris Heist

It’s been a few weeks since Kim Kardashian’s traumatizing robbery and according to sister Khloé Kardashian, she’s still not doing well. (Not that we’re expecting her to be fully recovered.) Khloé opened up about Kim’s condition on The Ellen Show, and from the way she talked about the situation, it’s clear the event has really shaken the family up. And what would you expect? Anyone would reevaluate after being gagged and tied up in the expected safety of their hotel room, while having a gun to their head and being forced to beg for their lives. However, some people without hearts and sense don’t seem to see the gravity of a situation like this.

Australian writer and self-proclaimed “feminist” Vanessa de Largie published an article in The Daily Telegraph grossly titled, “I wanted Kim Kardashian to die.” She opens up her column stating that she is an advocate against violence towards women and the subhead on her article simply, yet boldy in this case, reads, “I’m a feminist”—as if this absolves her for what she is about to write.

The whole thing is basically blow after blow to Kim. Largie calls her names throughout the piece, like “vapid, vacuous and narcissistic,” as well as diminishing her to just a selfie-taking-machine whose only contribution to society is her “oiling up [her] butt-implants for a glossy.” She says that she is not worthy of being a leading feminist icon, even though Largie doesn’t seem to understand what feminism is to start with. Feminism can be defined as “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” But in practice, it is so much more.

Feminism is about choice and respecting not only the choices of other women, but also respecting other women in general. The constant tearing down of females in the media as well as in society is something that all feminists should denounce, not willingly partake in.

Largie ends her tirade with this: “But while Kardashian West had $14 million [worth] of diamonds and her sense of safety stolen that night, what about all the girls who have been robbed of their innocence and sense of self in their quest to emulate their idol? The human race, specifically women, would be better off without that.” While Kim Kardashian may be a source of teenage girls’ insecurities, so are many other women in Hollywood and the media. We live in a society that unfortunately puts certain bodies above others, but that does not give you the right to wish another woman dead, no matter how many millions worth of jewelry they are toting around at a time or how many more Twitter followers they have. Being salty and spiteful towards other women, including Kim Kardashian West, just makes you a bad feminist (if she’s even still going with that label). 

Alani Vargas


Alani is a native to Chicago with a passion for women's rights, journalism and coffee. She is a senior at Northwestern, majoring in journalism at Medill. She's on the magazine track and studied in Florence last fall, advancing her second major in history. Alani has written for Her Campus national and her Northwestern chapter since freshman year and is now the Editor-in-Chief and CC for her chapter. She's also currently a freelancer for Elite Daily When Alani isn't working, binge watching Supergirl, Buffy or the billion other shows she keeps up with, she enjoys music and geeking out over Star Wars or anything Marvel. Follow Alani on twitter and instagram at @alanimv!
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