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All the Tweets That Perfectly Describe Our Feelings About the Emotional Rollercoaster That Was That ‘Bachelor’ Finale

ICYMI, tonight’s finale of season 22 of The Bachelor basically lived up to the emotional roller coaster hype that Chris Harrison told us it would be — and as usual #BachelorNation had some ~thoughts~. Read on for the Internet’s best reactions to the insane end of Arie’s season.

Things got off to a business-as-usual start as Lauren met Arie’s family — which is to say that she basically repeated the same things over and over again in a monotone voice.

When Arie’s family would not stop asking Becca about Lauren:

Of course, it wouldn’t have been Lauren and Arie’s final date if they didn’t just spend the whole thing talking about the ~connection~ between them that absolutely nobody else sees and repeating what the other just said…

…Which this time included Arie’s signature line. (Which, on the bright side, we never have to hear again after tonight!)

The alpacas/llamas, however, offered a welcome break from the snoozefest that was the first half of the episode. And TBH, who needs a boy when you have a baby llama?

Oh, and in case he didn’t already make it clear by repeating it exactly 734 times, don’t forget that Arie fell in love with *two* women, and was conflicted about who to choose until three hours before the proposal. Yeah, safe to say no one should be getting engaged at this point.

Alas, Arie went through with the whole thing and said goodbye to Lauren (for now), all while, for some reason, standing there and allowing her to keep professing her love for him instead of just breaking the news — and the Internet didn’t hesitate to roast him for it:

When Arie did finally propose to Becca, #BachelorNation was already clued in enough to what was going on to know that rose breaking off was definitely a bad omen.

And then there was the cringe-worthiness of Arie getting ready to break off his engagement to Becca, all while she has absolutely no idea:

And the Internet probably hasn’t ever gone from being so endlessly bored by someone to absolutely hating them so fast.

No word yet on whether Arie follows through on getting Lauren back — but if we had to guess, we’re thinking that *drama* will continue on tomorrow night’s “After the Final Rose” episode. Meanwhile, this tweet basically sums up everything you need to know about tonight’s mess:

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