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From The Taylor Swift Reference To The Kim K Casting, Twitter Has Some Feelings About ‘AHS 12’

For me, nothing says “summertime” more than a new season of American Horror Story. As an avid fan since the age of 11 (yes, I watched Murder House when it came out as a middle schooler), I’ve watched the series through its ups and downs. And if you’re an AHS stan, then you’d know that the lows of the show get really, really low. However, despite being bored of the last few seasons, the trailer for AHS 12 has me intrigued. Why? Well, because it references Taylor Swift… or so I think.

On April 10, the creator of AHS, Ryan Murphy, dropped the trailer for the new season. The quick trailer features a soft lullaby in the background and only includes the names of two celebrities in the cast: Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian. To make things even more intriguing, the video ends with a voice saying “Emma and Kim are Delicate” which is also written in the caption. Wait… what?!

ICYMI, “Delicate” is one of Swift’s most popular songs from her Reputation album. And while the mere use of the word isn’t a reference, the fact that it’s capitalized has Swifties flocking to the internet. Additionally, given the beef between Kim Kardashian and Swift (and how it inspired a few of the tracks in her Reputation era), I don’t think that it’s unwarranted that folks are reading into the connection.

But here’s an archived moment that you may have forgotten about. In 2019, Kardashian shared a video of herself on Snapchat with “Delicate” playing in the background! Call me whatever you want, but this just can’t be a coincidence.

The trailer is the only information we have about this new season of AHS, but I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting the show’s release this summer. Until then, Twitter has a lot to say about, well, all of it.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who caught the Swift reference.

However, other fans simply can’t get over that Kim K is headed into her actress era.

While I’m intrigued, others are taking this as a sign to skip the new season altogether.

Honestly? I’m just hoping Kim’s AHS appearance is kind of like this:

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