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This Adorable Couple Had The Most Magical Harry Potter Proposal

Everyone grab your tissues, the cutest proposal of 2018 just happened. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe you’ll believe J.K. Rowling, who personally congratulated the happy couple.

This viral proposal video features Heather Pearson and Kelsey Stacy, two girlfriends (now fiancés) from Portland, Oregon who are massive Harry Potter fans. The video follows Pearson’s journey in proposing to Stacy at a blowout Halloween party—a party that was over a year in the making (swoon!). Pearson planned a whole scavenger hunt for Stacy, leading up to the final proposal.


Of course, the proposal wasn’t complete without incorporating the couple’s favorite series: Harry Potter. Having been entrenched in the series since the beginning of their relationship (they celebrated their first anniversary at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), Pearson thought it would be fitting to bring their love of the series into their engagement day.

Pearson even used Stacy’s favorite Harry Potter book—The Goblet of Fire—to create cut-up pages that said, “Marry me?” I’m not crying, you’re crying.


The viral proposal was not complete without a personal shoutout from the queen herself, J.K. Rowling. After tweeting Pearson her congrats, Pearson and Stacy promptly and excitedly “lost it.”

Wishing the happy couple all the magic in the world…and hoping we can find some of our own!

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