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9 Reasons Why Chris & Whitney Are Perfect for Each Other

What a season! After sending Becca off in a rejection limo—in which she shed not one tear?!—Chris proposed to Whitney. The two are now engaged, and we couldn’t be happier that Chris chose a woman who is this perfect for him. Below, we’re sharing 9 reasons why we think this pair is meant to be!

1. Whitney didn’t cause drama throughout the season



A photo posted by Whitney Bischoff (@whitb624) on

This Instagram post speaks for itself. Whitney clearly doesn’t agree with women tearing each other down. Needless to say we’re totally on board!

2. She was willing to speak her mind without ruffling feathers

We appreciate a woman who can honestly say what she’s thinking without being malicious. Whitney knows how to handle her conflicts like a lady.

3. She actually wants to move to Arlington

Becca was never sure she could move to Arlington, but Whitney was certain even before she visited Chris’s hometown. Now that’s dedication!

4. Whitney fits in perfectly with his family

Chris’s family loved Whitney and seemed to have no issues with her. If Chris didn’t pick her, we’re pretty sure his family would’ve been quite angry. Plus, she’s going to need to love them since they’re just about the only people in Arlington.

5. She’s all about making babies

Whitney’s love of little ones was clear when we learned she was a fertility nurse. She’s comfortable with the idea of kids, and she’s expressed her eagerness to start a family as soon as possible—something Chris has also mentioned.

6. Chris is in awe of her many talents

While many viewers are skeptical of Whitney’s inclination to leave her career behind for life on the farm, Chris is impressed by her work. We feel much more comfortable with Whitney’s decision because Chris knows how great she is at her job and what she’s sacrificing for life as a wife and mother!

7. There’s a mural featuring the two of them, so things were already pretty permanent

Remember the mural that was painted of Chris and Whitney after one of their dates? We’re assuming it’s still there, so there’s no way the couple can break up any time soon.

8. These two know how to get down at a wedding

Their wedding is going to be a total blast. We’ve already seen how the pair parties when they crashed a stranger’s wedding, so we know fun will ensue on their big day.

9. We have an idea of how flawless they’ll look at their wedding


Who is ready to get down and dirty tonight? #thebachelor #muckfest

A photo posted by Whitney Bischoff (@whitb624) on

Whitney posted this adorable behind-the-scenes pic from one of her dates with Chris, and we consider it a tiny snapshot of how perfect they’re going to look at their actual wedding.

Do you think Chris made the right choice, collegiettes? 

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