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8 Things More Entertaining Than Watching Ashley Cry on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

When people heard that Ashley I. was going to be back on Bachelor in Paradise, there was one word on everyone’s mind: tears. Literally, just tears. Last season, Ashley was known for her crying, and within five minutes of her arrival on last night’s episode, it was no different. Besides Amanda and Josh making out and Evan trying to get Carly’s attention, the rest of the episode was pretty much just 42 minutes of this…

And this.

And frankly, WE ARE SO OVER IT. Here are eight things that would have been so much more entertaining than watching Ashley cry in front of the camera for another minute. 

1. Evan really faking his death to get Carly’s attention

At least it’s more creative than making your own date card! 

2. Jen and Nick getting bitten by crabs while making out

3. Emily and Haley pretending to be each other for a whole episode

And that was literally painful to watch the first time around.

4. Lace staying sober while Grant gets sloshed

Plot twist!

5. Daniel having a real conversation with Sarah—without ANY sexual references

6. Learning who Izzy actually is and what she is doing on Paradise

But really, though—who is she? 

7. Jorge making a super intricate cocktail while soft music plays in the background

And last but not least…

8. Ashley getting attacked by her new pet parrot while the lizard watches and laughs in the background

Isabel is a currently the Evening & Weekend Editor at Her Campus and a student at New York University in the Global Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production. When she is not watching Gilmore Girls or playing with puppies at the local pet store, she spends her time freelancing for numerous publications about celebrities and life. You can find her work on the websites of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Elle, and Buzzfeed. Follow her on Instagram at @isabelcalkins.