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The 8 Strangest April & Andy Moments That Were Actually Adorable

For any sitcom lovers, the question of whether you prefer The Office or Parks and Recreation always remains. No matter which side of this great debate you’re on, it’s hard to deny that Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate from Parks and Rec is a couple to root for. The most blatant opposites-attract couple of the show, negative and sarcastic April–a self-proclaimed hater of everything–falls for happy-go-lucky Andy–who finds joy in everything–and they quickly become the show’s most stable relationship. Every time you think Andy is going to be weirded out by April’s behavior, he just falls deeper in love with her. 

What makes their relationship so special is that despite their differences, they're able to understand and appreciate all the strange things they say and do for one another, creating some of the most heartfelt moments of the show. Here are eight things that no one else besides April and Andy would understand, but they said to one another and truly cherished. 

1. Season 2, Episode 20: The sweater swap

April and Andy do a lot of whacky things throughout Parks and Recreation, but one of the best is when they decide to swap sweaters. Chris Pratt looks hilarious as he walks into Pawnee City Hall with April’s sweater only going up to his chest. 



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2. Season 2, Episode 18: Andy wants to make himself better for April 

April gets mad at Andy, but he isn't sure why. In trying to make it up to her, he decides to make a list of everything that he's done that could have annoyed her and promises to never do any of them again. While it’s crazy, she appreciates the gesture, and it’s really cute how he just wants to make her happy. 



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3. Season 6, Episode 15: Andy protects April from bees

When Leslie announces that she will be tearing down the fence that separates Pawnee and Eagleton, the Eagletonians who have the first swing at the wall get swarmed by bees. Andy puts April under his sweatshirt, thinking that since he was stung once and he's now “immune.” Watching Andy try to fight the bees makes for a laugh-out-loud scene. 


4. Season 3 Episode 9: April and Andy get married

After inviting all of their family and friends to a “fancy party,” April and Andy announce that it's actually their wedding. The vows are definitely traditional as April says she's marrying Andy because she doesn't hate him, and he says it's because he wants to protect her from fighters. It's so authentically them that you can’t help but want what they have.  


5. Season 5, Episode 13: Andy takes the police exam 

Andy decides to make his Burt Macklin fantasy come true and take the police exam. April first threatens to divorce him, re-marry, and then cheat on her second husband with Andy if he fails. She also gives him a taxidermy rabbit—without the feet, of course—for good luck. He finds the rabbit disturbing, but extremely thoughtful since April cares about him so much. 


6. Season 3, Episode 13: Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole

April is reluctant to attend an event celebrating Tom’s new alcoholic beverage, and Andy encourages her to make it into roleplay, which is “sexy.” Then, the two of them act as Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole in order to meet one another all over again. 


7. Season 7, Episode 13: April dresses up for childbirth

When most people are giving birth, they want the experience to be as relaxing as possible. For April, her ideal birth situation is a bit different. She puts on a full face of horror makeup while in labor, and Andy just tells her that she looks beautiful.


8. Season 7, Episode 13: Andy and April name their baby

After giving birth to a baby boy, April and Andy decide to go the untraditional route for the name of their new son. They decide to summarize their whole relationship as well, as reference the fact that their son was born on Halloween, naming him Burt Snakehole Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Demon Jack-o-Lantern Dwyer, otherwise known as Jack.

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