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7 Times Varchie Gave Everyone the Feels During Riverdale’s Season 2 Premiere

After five months, Riverdale finally returned to The CW Wednesday night and left viewers with plenty of OMG moments. While we can all agree that Bughead is #RelationshipGoals, we can’t ignore the fact that Archie and Veronica, aka #Varchie, are just as worthy of attention—and the Season 2 premiere proved that their relationship is stronger than ever. Let’s reflect on the Varchie moments that gave us ALL the feels. 

1. When Veronica woke up the morning after the Jubilee, proudly wearing Archie’s shirt 

I wouldn’t mind wearing one of Archie Andrews’ shirts, TBH.

2. When Archie felt overwhelmed by the aftermath of Fred getting shot by an unknown man at Pop’s and tried to push Veronica away—but she refused to leave his side

Getting through a tough time is so much easier with a loyal person by your side. 

3. And let’s not forget that steamy AF scene, when Veronica decided it would be best to keep Archie company in the shower

A shirtless KJ Apa scene? No complaints here. 

4. When Archie let out all the emotions he was bottling up inside and Veronica was there to comfort him

5. When Archie told Veronica that he doesn’t deserve her because she’s basically an amazing and incredibly supportive GF 

6. When Fred had a hallucination that showed Archie and Veronica getting married


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It wasn’t real, but a girl can dream, right?

7. When Archie admitted to Fred that he’s crazy about Veronica 

I’m not crying, you’re crying. 

Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Here’s hoping that this season brings even more “aww”-worthy moments from this couple.

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