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5 Unsung Heroes of This Week’s ‘Bachelor’ Episode

This week’s episode of The Bachelor finally delivered the drama that we all look forward to watching, but it also focused a bit too much on a scheming Krystal for my taste. You know the show has narrowed in on the same person for too long when, as former Bachelorette contestant Diggy Moreland said, it’s almost as if everyone is having one-on-one dates with Krystal rather than Arie. 

In dramatic episodes like these, some of the best parts are often overshadowed by the villain’s escapades, so I think we need to applaud those behind these somewhat subtle moments. In case Krystal distracted you from everyone else this week, here are the five unsung heroes of the episode who should get the recognition they deserve. 

1) Becca K. trying to ride her bike with no hands

It’s not often that producers let the women run wild without Arie there, so Becca K. was in the mood to celebrate when the women were allowed a bike ride in Fort Lauderdale. She pulled off riding handless for about a second before reality hit her and she went into a bit of a panic. Same, girl, same.

2) The elderly ladies showing Arie what he’s missing by not going for an older woman

Did anyone else get major camp counselor vibes from Arie during the bowling date? He told the women that they could pick who was on their bowling team and then invited everyone to the night portion of the date, just as if he was promising a group of 10-year-olds, “Everybody gets ice cream today!”

Something about the situation just gave him a weird, authoritarian, “I’m-getting-minimum-wage-to-look-after-you” essence. It doesn’t help that literally anyone who has gone to day camp has had a field trip to the bowling alley. The credits’ bonus footage of old ladies hitting on Arie was perfectly suited for those of us who can’t help but notice that anyone over 30 years old is no longer in the running for Arie’s heart. 

3) Maquel making a stellar entrance

Given her Night One arrival, it was no surprise that Maquel knew just how to glide into that hotel room and announce her return this week. It still may have taken you a second to remember who she was, but she gets points for enthusiasm. Although she was cut later on, here’s hoping for a Bachelor in Paradise entrance for the record books. 

4) Gerald living his best life in the depths of the bayou

Tia quickly became my favorite contestant after her one-on-one with Arie (the girl’s got a doctorate degree!), but their host Gerald nearly stole the show. Not only did he welcome them to his beautiful cabin in the Everglades, he cooked a genuine southern meal for them. Fingers crossed that this week’s eliminated girls got sent to Gerald’s afterwards for some comfort food.

5) The producer who convinced Arie to lick a bowling ball

If ABC is trying to convince us that Arie isn’t Zach Braff’s character on Scrubs, the network is seriously failing. The internet has poked fun at Arie’s physical resemblance to the actor all season, but his intimate moment with a bowling ball was the best proof I have of them quite possibly being the same person. 

Although Krystal may take up most of the camera’s attention again next week, don’t forget that we always have these subtle acts of heroism to watch out for. As much as Krystal may disagree, not all heroes have glitter.

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.