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5 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Should NOT Split

Rumors have been flying that Kim and Kanye are headed for a divorce. After Kim was robbed in Paris, it was reported that she wasn’t doing well. And then Kanye checked into the hospital for involuntary psych evaluations. Though E! News claims that the power couple is not headed for divorce, we’ve put together a list of reasons why Kim and Kanye definitely should not split. 

1. North and Saint

The couple has two children together, and a split would not be easy on the kids. Let’s face it: North and Saint don’t have the most normal childhood as it is, so even more publicity during divorce proceedings wouldn’t make things any easier.

2. Kim’s been divorced and learned from past mistakes

The fact that Kim has been married twice before shows that she knows what she wants from a relationship, and maybe Kanye is that great relationship and marriage for her.

3. They’re supportive of each other

Not that the support couldn’t continue after a split, but both members of this power couple are super supportive of one another. Kim praises her man for his music and fashion line, and Kanye worships Kim for her work as well. 

4. They’re just so beautiful

I mean, look at them. They’re a gorgeous couple! Both are always impeccably dressed, and they always rock the red carpet. 

5. And influential

Kim and Kanye were both among TIME‘s 30 most influential people on the internet in March. Kim is one of the most followed people on Twitter and Instagram. Kanye can fill the streets of New York at a moment’s notice with just the whisper of an impromptu concert. Yeah, these two have some power. And put together? Whew.

Obviously we don’t know everything that goes on with celebrities, and it’s definitely not our place to make this decision for Kimye. We wish the two of them the best and hope they make the best choice for themselves.

Sarah Nelson is senior at the University of Iowa pursuing a Journalism major, English minor, and Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication Certificate. When she's not binge-watching One Tree Hill or Jane the Virgin on Netflix (again), she's is probably rereading the Harry Potter series or writing for her blog, SarahNdipity. With an addiction to books and coffee, Sarah hopes to take the world by storm as a book editor. Or social media marketer. Or blogger. (She hasn't quite made up her mind yet, but that's okay because who says you have to be just one thing?)