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5 Reasons Why I’m Following Her Campus on TikTok

If my screen report has taught me anything, it’s that I spend a LOT of time on TikTok. In case you missed it, Her Campus just launched their very own TikTok, and it is EVERYTHING. Here are 5 reasons why I’m following @hercampus on TikTok: 

1. ALL of the Beauty Content

If you’re anything like me, TikTok has changed the game for finding the best beauty products and beauty routine hacks. Whether it’s makeup, skincare, or haircare, the HC TikTok is full of only the best of the best product recommendations from your favorite stores (aka Target) and will teach you everything you need to know about creating the perfect routine. 

2. Food Recipes for Days

Who says you can’t whip up some amazing meals in college? I can finally say goodbye to instant ramen with the help of all the delicious and simple recipes featured on HC’s TikTok. Whether you’re into Gigi Hadid pasta, iced coffee, smoothie bowls, or Trader Joe’s snacks, there’s something on the HC TikTok for all of my foodies out there. 

3. Trendy Style Ideas

When I’m not laying on the couch in my matching sweats set, I need all the fashion inspo I can possibly get. Luckily, the HC TikTok is full of major fashionistas that know exactly how to style some amazing pieces, and they’re revealing all of their fashion tips and tricks with us. They’re also spilling all the tea about how to thrift the perfect fit. I’m so here for it. 

4. Helpful Career Tips + College Hacks 

If your classes haven’t taught you anything about career development either, the HC TikTok has got you covered. From resume hacks to networking and interview tips, you can learn all about how to stand out when applying for jobs and internships. The HC TikTok also has videos all about how to stay organized and focused on top of things as a busy college student, both of which I desperately need to be doing. 

5. Inspirational Day in the Life Videos

Everyone needs an ~escape~ at some point, and living vicariously through others is my personal method of doing just that. The Her Campus TikTok is full of day-in-the-life videos from college students all across the country, and watching them gives me a motivational kick that I never knew I needed. An instant serotonin boost for me.

Georgia is a junior in the Accelerated Masters Program studying marketing with an emphasis in digital and social media. She is the director of social media for Her Campus at Alabama. She loves taking Instagram pictures, going to Trader Joe's, and making vegetarian food!
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