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This 4-Year-Old’s Response to a School Bully is Epic

Never underestimate the witty remarks of child, especially those of four-year-old Siahj “Cici” Chase, who told off a bully with a response that’s taking the internet by storm! In a video uploaded to Facebook by her mother, Cici explains how the preschool scene went down. After being asked what happened at school that day, she tells her mom how a little boy in her class called her ugly. Her reply? That she didn’t come to school to make a fashion statement or look pretty, but to learn! 

Clearly, this little boy wasn’t backing down because he then added that she looked bad, to which Cici playfully quipped, “Did you look in the mirror lately?” Snap! 

It’s safe to say that Cici is our new hero. Not only did she stand up to the person trying to bring her down, but she seemed to have done it without a flinch! She even told People magazine that she felt “good and happy,” about what she said. All hail Cici, this girl is truly beautiful both inside and out!

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