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The 4 Stages of Robby’s Awkward ‘I Love You’ on ‘The Bachelorette’

Every season, Bachelor and Bachelorette fans wait in anticipation, wondering which contestant will say “I love you” first. Usually, this happens closer to the second half of the season, but in JoJo’s case, Robby wanted to be sure to swoop in early to catch her heart. Taking risks might have worked out for Robby in the past, but this time his dangerous behavior just made for some really uncomfortable moments. Here are the four stages of Robby’s very awkward “I love you.”

1. Robby gets ready to take a risk

First, Robby admits he’s planning to say the three big words but knows JoJo might not say them back. We all pretty much knew at this point that an awkward moment was coming up, leaving us to pray that Robby would change his mind before it was too late.

Then… the big moment finally arrives.

2. Robby prepares JoJo for what’s coming

He starts out with a nice introduction, talking about what’s happened on the show so far—stepping out of the limo to see JoJo for the first time, the possibilities of their future together and, well, gravity. We all watched, filled with anxiety, waiting for the words to come out of his mouth.

3. He finally says it

Robby finally manages to say “I love you” to JoJo. At first, we’re happy for him and think that everything seems to be going okay.

…but then we remember that JoJo hasn’t responded yet…

4. JoJo’s awkward response

Robby pours his heart out, finishes with an emotional “I love you,” and JoJo can do nothing but thank him. Cue the secondhand embarassment for literally everyone who had to witness that moment.

You can relive the horror of Robby’s admission over and over again below. Enjoy!

Cara Milhaven is a sophomore studying communication at Villanova University. She is a contributing writer for Her Campus National as well as the Senior Editor of Her Campus Villanova. She loves caffeine, Christmas movies, fall, and Zac Efron.
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