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25 Times This Week’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Challenged Us

Throughout this week’s episode of The Bachelor, everyone kept talking about how Nick wanted a woman who challenges him. But the only thing I could think about was what a challenge this entire episode was. Here are 25 times Nick and the women fighting for his attention heart challenged us this week:

1. When “renowned” photographer Franco gave us this truly inspired phrase, which was obviously a Hallmark card reject: “I know you from before time”

2. When Corinne took her top off and made Nick hold her bare breasts (her words, not mine)

3. When Corinne won the challenge and got the group date rose bc ~CHEMISTRY~

4. When Corinne kept interrupting Nick’s convos with every girl but got mad when Taylor re-interrupted her

5. When Corinne invoked the name of Gossip Girl and I literally gasped at the transgression

6. When I realized the entire first hour of the episode had been about Corinne

7. When Nick and Danielle M. flew to Newport Beach for their one-one-one and I realized this whole episode was sponsored by my teenage binge-watching habits

8. When Liz desperately looked for someone to spill the beans about her sexy time with Nick to

9. When she decided that person was Christen and Christen promised she’d never breathe a word of this top-secret info

10. When Christen breathed a word of that top-secret info

11. When Danielle M. told Nick about her fiancé’s overdose and he mansplained her grief to her

12. When Nick took the second group date to the Museum of Broken Relationships

13. And on display was the engagement ring he picked out for Kaitlyn

14. (Like one of the three engagement rings he’s chosen on this show would be in this clearly prestigious museum)

15. When the ladies had to act out breaking up with Nick

16. And Liz took it waaayyy too seriously

17. And the other women were confused by her “storyline”

18. When Christen told Nick everything Liz had confessed to her

19. And Nick got really mad

20. And suddenly wondered if Liz just wanted to be on TV

21. When Liz said she didn’t want Nick’s number bc she hates talking on the phone

22. When Nick sent Liz home

23. And then decided he had to tell the other women the truth

24. And just blurted out that he and Liz had sex


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