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22 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

People have the perfect opportunity to say the wrong things to us everyday. Feeling self-conscioius about an off hair day? Comment. Have an odd expression on your face? Comment. Offered a helpful comment back to someone else’s statement? Oh boy, you better believe you’re getting a comment. My question, why say something rude when you just be silent? It’s not hard to be kind when you can you can be quiet. Therefore, I have listed out 22 comments that you absolutely shouldn’t make yourself and maybe, (really hoping here) you can step in when you recognize comments like these surfacing in the conversation. Buckle up, and get your insult detector ready.

1.”You look really tired.”

Thanks for noticing. Yes, I am tired. Tired of people reminding me that I have bags under my eyes the size of the Atlantic.

2. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but…”

Well, how am I supposed to take it now?  

3. “You remind me of my mom.”

Isn’t your mom like 50?

4. “Are you on your period or something?”

No, but I might as well be now, because after that comment I’m about to stab you.

5. “You’re wearing that?”

Well, I was going to… until you said that. Congrats, now you have to wait two more hours while I find another outfit that you’re probably going to hate.

6. “Relax, it was just a joke.”

First of all, don’t tell me to relax. Second of all, are you sure that was just a joke and not a way for you to shade me without repercussions? Could’ve fooled me.

7. “Put me on with your friend.”

Wow, that’s a really endearing way to tell me I’m the ugly friend out of the group.

8.  “You have a really great personality”

Just my face? What, you made it past my neck and decided that the rest of me was hideous? 

9. “You’re not one of those feminists, are you?”

And what about it? *Insert Ariana Grande gif*

10. “You’re still hungry?”

You know what? Yes, I am. I’m going to inhale this entire 12 count Chick-Fil-A nugget and not feel bad about it.

11. “You look different in person”

Different in a good way? Or different in a bad way. Either way I’m judging you.

12. “You probably caused most of the arguments in your last relationship.”

That’s for me to know and you to not worry about.

13. “You’re so sensitive.”

Coming to you live from gaslight networks in 3…2…1!

14. “I liked your hair better when it was longer”

Thanks so much for your opinion that I didn’t ask for.

15. “You should smile more, maybe more people would talk to you.”

And yet, here you are, doing the unthinkable.

16. “Is that your real hair?”

That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.

17. “Come over”

Not only is it 2 AM, but you had 22 other hours to text me and yet, you still failed.

18. “What’s wrong?”

Well nothing was wrong until you asked me 5 more times.

19. “You’re crazy.”

If I am in fact crazy, wouldn’t it be a terrible idea to tell me that I’m crazy?

20. “Women can’t drive.”

Yet another reason to not invite you into my car? Love that.

21. “Calm down.”

I. Am. Calm. But you’re making it extremely difficult for me to stay that way.

22. “Women aren’t funny”

Not even worth an explanation.

I’ve just outlined 22 things to literally keep to yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.