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22 Things That Happen on Every Season of ‘The Bachelor’

Lured in with the promise of new drama, romance and adventure, we’ve been tuning into The Bachelor (and, let’s be real, every spin-off show the franchise releases) season after season. Viewers from across “Bachelor nation” are eagerly watching as dozens of women compete for Nick Viall’s affection in yet another season of what is dubbed as “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet.” Veteran Bachelor viewers know that while no two Bachelors or Bachelorettes are alike, there are definitely overlapping themes and mannerisms that make The Bachelor everyone’s favorite guilty (or not so guilty) reality TV pleasure.

1. You draft your favorites like it’s fantasy football — only more intense

You pick out your favorites from the very beginning and feel a sigh of relief whenever they get picked to go to the next round, but if they don’t get a rose, you’re screaming at your TV like…

2. You go on social media and intensely follow everyone’s live commentary

Twitter on Monday nights: pure gold.

3. There is always that one girl takes complete advantage of the open champagne bar

After 20 seasons of the Bachelor, you would assume that girls would catch on to the fact that the open bar is indeed a trap. Producers want you to get belligerently intoxicated so you’ll create drama for the show.

4. Someone gets insecure and bashes all of the other girls

But what else would you expect when, like, 30 girls are competing for the affection of one guy?

5. One or more of the contestants has a trivial title to compensate for the fact that they are indeed, unemployed

Dog-lover, free spirit, and twin are apparently occupations now.

6. That one girl really tries to push her luck on day one

Whether it be showing up in a wedding dress, or really vying for that first kiss—there is sure to be one contestant who does the most to make a first impression.

7. Someone is not there for the right reasons

“For the right reasons” will forever be engraved in the minds of all Bachelor fans.

8. Past Bachelors make cameo appearances—and naturally, you fan-girl out

How could you not fan-girl when you see Sean Lowe?

9. The date goes well and he says “I could really see myself falling for her”

Her, and all the other women in the house, right?

10. When everyone hates someone in the house but the Bachelor can’t see it

And you’re screaming at your TV wondering how he can’t see that this girl is actually insane.

11. You get emotionally attached to certain girls—and question the Bachelor’s credibility if he sends her home

Face it—you’re left more heartbroken than the Bachelor is.

12. One of the girls makes the super classy exit, making even the Bachelor wonder if he made the wrong choice

A class act goes a long way—potential Bachelorette maybe?

13. That one girl who makes the not-so-classy exit, and the sigh of relief when she’s finally gone

And if you’re lucky, it’s the same girl as #10

14. The cutthroat awkwardness that is a 2-on-1 date

But you secretly love it, especially when there is a show “hero” and “villain” who are on the date.

15. Their elaborate dates gives you an unrealistic expectation of what dating is really like

Flying into the Met on a Helicopter, renting out Castles and jumping from buildings — relationship goals?

16. You question whether or not you want to join next season just for the ultimate travel experience

Thailand, Curacao, Antigua, Bali, The Bachelor leaves no corner of the world untouched. We can’t help but to want to sign up for the adventure, too.

17. Hometown dates roll around and all you can think of is how judgmental each of their families are going to be

Whether its a batty older brother or an overprotective parent, someone in the family is sure to stir up some drama. Have your popcorn ready?

18. Chris Harrison brings around the fantasy suite card, and things get really awkward, really fast

The controversial “fantasy suite” leaves the cameras behind, leaving the “fantasy” to the viewer’s imagination.

19. The Neil Lane diamond ring comes out, and you hyperventilate about how big and beautiful it is

ABC pays for the big hunk of rock, but in reality, the Neil Lane rings featured on the show retail somewhere between $20,000 – $75,000.

20. The girl who was hiding until about halfway through the season “wins” the whole thing

While you’re too busy worried about the front-runners and drama queens, the “girl next door” will inevitably walk away with the engagement ring.

21. Every season is dubbed “the most dramatic season yet” by Chris Harrison

Every. Single. Season.

22. You can’t wait for the “After The Final Rose” or “Women Tell All”

The Bachelor finally confronts all his exes and a Bachelorette is “surprise” announced—reality television heaven.

Hannah is a Public Relations graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with an affinity for blogging, food, culture and learning about the world. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish books and documentaries focusing on leisure and travel. To read more of her work, check out her own personal blog at www.thinkingbrave.com or her personal portfolio at clippings.me/hannahkhan