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17 Dogs that Love Harry Potter More Than You

J.K. Rowling never imagined that Harry Potter would become the franchise that it is today. When McGonagall said, “every child in our world will know his name,” she underestimated Harry’s influence on our furry friends who sat couchside as we flipped the magical pages. While you were waiting in line for an HP book release or movie premiere, these dedicated dogs were right behind you (in spirit), donning fake glasses and Gryffindor colors. These 15 photos prove that canines can have HP obsessions as well (just another reason why they’re man’s best friend)!

1. “You’re a dog, Harry.”


2. Bruce was neither the smartest, the bravest, nor the most cunning student. But, he lucked out–there was no more room left in Hufflepuff.


3. Scottie’s grip is impeccable, but we think he should upgrade his Cleansweep One to a Firebolt, or at least a Nimbus 2000. His current broomstick doesn’t even have a paw rest!


4. Benji’s favorite class at Hogwarts is Barksfiguration.


5. Skippy has the same hairdressers as Professor Trelawney (if you count humidity and a staticky pillowcase as “hairdressers”).


6. Why so Sirius? He should be happy that he can pull off the sweater/robes combo better than Cedric!


7 & 8. These goofballs are two seconds away from a Snape scolding. Safety rule #1: Don’t put magical objects in your mouth.


9 & 10. This is the part in the series where Ginny stares longingly at Harry from afar. It was originally a scene in The Half Blood Prince movie, but the director ran into problems when neither of the actors could speak.


11. He loves playing Quidditch, a.k.a The Longest Game of Fetch Ever.


12. Rufus gazed into the Mirror of Erised and saw The Great Hall filled with Wishbones and Beggin’ Strips.


13. We hear Fluffy started a guard dog mentoring program…

14. …where all skill levels are welcome.


15. Viktor Krum’s dog inherited his good looks and athleticism. Unfortunately, Kody wasn’t accepted to Dogstrang Institute, Durmstrang’s brother school… so Hogwarts it was.


16. It’s okay, we couldn’t even find the application!


17. Spark gets his photographer recommendations and modeling tips from Gilderoy Lockhart.

After seeing these adorable pics, any cat lover’s argument is invalid.

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