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15 Signs You’re Experiencing ‘Bachelor’ Withdrawals

With Arie Luyendyk Jr. gearing up to take the coveted Bachelor role, we’re getting more and more excited for 2018’s roses and romance. Here are 15 signs you just can’t wait for The Bachelor to return. 

1. You’re actually considering watching (or rewatching) Arie’s season with Emily Maynard

Throwing it way back.

2. You’re keeping up with all the rejects

You know all their names.

3. Arie is not your first choice, but at this point it doesn’t matter

A total rando could be the Bachelor, and I’d still tune in every Monday.

4. You’ve even looked at an application form for the show


5. You’re having trouble understanding why Bachelor in Paradise isn’t a year-round program


6. Your Instagram feed is filled with past contestants

No shame.

7. You would just like all the spoilers already

A first episode sneak peek of Arie’s season would suffice.

8. You miss Chris Harrison and his commentary

He makes the show. 

9. The franchise has taught you how to love drama

Actually me ^

10. You still cannot believe how much makeup Ashley I. brought to Bachelor in Paradise

If you don’t have a separate suitcase for your cosmetics, then what are you doing with your life?

11. You wouldn’t be surprised if Josh Murray was still probably on a beach somewhere

Eating pizza and being sweaty AF.

12. You feel weird not seeing breakups on television 

Because breaking up on national television is totally normal, right?

13. You’re dreaming of date ideas for the show

A helicopter date is so last season.

14. You daydream about first impression gowns

Will two girls be dressed the same? 

15. You miss moments like this

Words of wisdom right there.

Molly graduated from University of Portland in 2017 with a major in English and a minor in Communication Studies. You can follow her on Instagram: @mollvincent