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15 Reasons Why Every ‘Supergirl’ Fan Should Be Shipping Kara & Mon-El

While the Supergirl writers took long enough to make it happen, ardent fans have seen a budding romance developing over the past few episodes. And no, we’re not talking about with that creeper Mxyzptlk. Some fans have been waiting for it since Kara gave James the snub, while others are less than enthused about the development. Regardless, Supergirl fans should stop their arguing and embrace the love between Kara and Mon-El. 

1. Kara is finally letting herself be happy. 

After almost two seasons of putting everything else before her own happiness, Kara finally realizes that maybe she can have it all. Don’t get us wrong, Kara is our favorite feminist icon, but even Supergirl is allowed to have a nice man to make her smile every once in a while. And Mon-El is the perfect guy to do so. 

2. Kara + Mon-El = comedy gold 

Mon-El makes Kara smile. His adorable ignorance about basic Earthly customs makes her laugh as much as it does us. The relationship adds a lighthearted side to the show. 

3. Mon-El brings out the best in Kara. 

In the most recent episode, Kara not only showed that she doesn’t need a man to be successful but also tricked two men in the process. Admit it, you were convinced that the fight between Kara and Mon-El in the DEO was real and completely swooned when you found out she lied to protect him. Without inspiration from Mon-El, she wouldn’t have been able to put on her master manipulator mask and trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backward. He completes her. 

4. Their relationship reflects reality. 

Even though they are both aliens, Kara and Mon-El’s relationship has had its ups and downs. It started like many relationships do (with the two of them at odds). Both parties have had their jealous moments (Kara with Mon-El and the assistant, Mon-El with Kara and Mxyzptlk). And they have had their fair share of awkward moments (Kara finding Mon-El hooking up with someone in the storage closet). 

5. Mon-El is completely adorable. 

We loved Chris Wood as the despicable Kai on The Vampire Diaries, but the quirky, naïve, just-plain-cute qualities he brings to the character of Mon-El have fostered our latest obsession with a fictional character. 

6. Mon-El is so much better than James. 

TBH, James is just getting annoying at this point. You don’t have superpowers, James—stop trying to get yourself killed. Although we were skeptical in the season premiere when Kara pretty much blew off her season-long obsession with James, we were happy to toss him to the side when Mon-El came along. Honestly, the only person we would love to see Kara with more is Barry Allen. 

7. It’s so cute when they protect each other.

We saw an example of this when Kara and Mon-El asked each other if they were okay after Mxyzptlk brought Parasite back. And when Mon-El tried to save Supergirl from Livewire instead of protecting civilians—the wrong move, but still adorable! 

8. A Kara/Mon-El relationship means more jokes about Mon-El’s lack of knowledge about Earth. 

He brought stuffing to Thanksgiving…stuffing from a pillow! Who wouldn’t want more of that? 

9. There is possibility for a love triangle.

Getting a little jealous there, James? 

10. It will be fun to see how their relationship follows the comic storyline. 

11. And how they will handle their relationship in the real world. 

Will Mike be dating Kara…or will it be Mon-El and Supergirl? 

12. This relationship has the potential to be the authentic Oliver and Laurel-type romance we never got. 

Fans of the DC universe know Oliver Queen was supposed to end up with Laurel Lance on Arrow, but then they went and (*spoiler alert*) killed her. Kara and Mon-El have the chance to redeem our DC romance dreams! Let it be true, Marc Guggenheim! 

13. There is so much potential for a bromance. 

Team Winn/Mon-El forever! 

14. No, really, have we mentioned how adorable Mon-El is? 

15. Because really, that’s the most important point.