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The 15 Cutest Tweets Between Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak

There are a lot of celebrity breakups that we’re still not over. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. But none stings as much as Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak. They were without a doubt the perfect pair, and what hurts the most is that we didn’t even know they were a couple until after their split. The entirety of human kind is constantly chastising the two to abandon the friendzone, but until then we’ll just have to settle for their insanely adorable Twitter relationship. Below, we’ve compiled 15 of the cutest tweets between the funny pals to prove they’re made for each other.

1. When B.J. jokingly complained about Mindy texting him too much

2. When Mindy compared B.J. to the face of the $100 bill

3. When they argued over The Dress and Julianne Moore stepped in to settle it

4. When Mindy created a spot-on Flipagram for B.J.’s birthday

5. When B.J. appreciated Mindy’s movie-watching habits

6. When Mindy shared this unbelievably darling pic from The Mindy Project set

7. When B.J. responded to Mindy’s Super Bowl commercial with this affectionate gem

8. When we found out that Mindy and B.J. were watching the Super Bowl…together!

9. When B.J. made fun of Mindy’s Twitter feed

10. When Mindy teased every shipper in the world with talks of a (maybe) date night

11. When they had a practically private conversation that no one else would understand

12. When Mindy called B.J. out for being just like her

13. When Mindy tweeted B.J.’s charmingly intellectual thoughts about Matthew McConaughey

14. When B.J. compared Mindy to crazy Amy from Gone Girl

15. When you realized they’re just as amazing on Instagram!


#Tbt to when @picturesoftext and I dressed up as Harry and Sally for People Magazine

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