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14 Years of ‘The Bachelor’ By the Numbers

Fourteen years ago today, our lives were changed forever when The Bachelor first premiered. While the first season is nearly unrecognizable (there were only 6 episodes!), if it weren’t for the show’s awkward beginnings, we wouldn’t have today’s wine and tear-filled series that we know and love. Don’t think The Bachelor has come that far? The numbers may tell a different story…

1,184 roses

ABC must have a damn good florist.

14 times we wanted to marry the Bachelor

Every time Ben took his shirt off. 

210 episodes

While that may not sound like a lot, it’s only because the number doesn’t reflect the countless spin-offs that we’ve been sucked into watching as well. The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad

23 books written by former contestants 

Because they’re all necessary. 

1 Bachelor hated by literally everyone


81 hot tub dates

If the date doesn’t involve a hot tub, it’ll probably happen in a helicopter instead.

300 mentions of Iowa during Chris’s season

300, maybe even 3,000. 

14 countries that have created their own version of the show

What can we say? Americans are tastemakers.

54 fantasy suite dates

One of which involved a virgin.

78 ridiculous job titles

Others include: Twin, Free Spirit and WWE Diva-in-Training.

4 ambulances 

Even though it seems like there’s an ambulance in every season’s teaser.

$1.873 million in advertising from 2014-2015

That’ll buy a lot of wine.

44 countries visited

Clearly just because the women were in a beautiful place didn’t mean the dates were glamorous. 

2 couples still together

Not including Ben and Lauren because it’s too soon to tell if they’ll last. At least the statistics are on their side, right?! (Wrong.)

20 times Chris Harrison has said this:

Once each season.

1,000,000+ gallons of tears cried

Half of which came from just Britt and Ashley I.

If The Bachelor has been around for this long, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon—and we couldn’t be happier! 

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