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14 Aria Montgomery Fashion “Don’ts”

Oh, Aria… we love the risks you take to protect your friends and family on Pretty Little Liars, but some of your fashion choices have us all wishing you’d just play it safe instead. Of course, Lucy Hale can’t help looking gorgeous in whatever she wears, but not even those glossy, black curls can help us forgive yet another combination of mismatched animal prints. Sometimes, Aria’s artsy, boho-chic look is spot-on, but the rest of the time, we just have to wonder if A’s been forcing her to get dressed in the dark every morning.

Strapless distressed leather is never easy to pull off, and Aria opted to further that challenge by slapping on a heavily-embellished belt that would look more at home in a pro-wrestling match than cinched around her petite waistline. Adding the khaki bolero with puffed mutton sleeves didn’t help much, either.

Did Aria’s dad force her to wear this 19th century-inspired librarian outfit to make sure she wouldn’t be able to seduce her English teacher anymore? Or maybe she just thought Ezra might be into the aging college professor look.

Isn’t Aria’s life complicated enough without trying to combine the entire contents of her fall wardrobe into a single disastrous outfit? Even if she stripped away the excess accessories, the clashing prints and washed-out color scheme make this look beyond redemption.

There’s nothing wrong with tuxedo-inspired elegance, but this translation is just a little too literal. Plus, those fingerless gloves are straight from our 7th grade punk stage. And Aria, please don’t think you’re getting away with those lace-trimmed hiking boots.

Byron Montgomery wouldn’t let Aria go to school looking like this, and neither would we. A skintight leather bustier is way too much for first-period Bio, and not even a bedazzled, fist-sized arachnid is enough to distract us from her bra peeking through that see-through lace top. 

We love Carey Mulligan’s costumes in The Great Gatsby as much as you do, Aria, but please try to save the flapper fringe for Halloween.

This elaborately structured shirtdress has way too much volume for Lucy Hale’s delicate frame, and the boring black vest is just a mistake, plain and simple.

Admittedly, Aria didn’t choose this startling bouffant – that credit goes to the blow dry bar at Camp Mona. She and Emily were fashion victims in the truest sense of the word.

This is one time the whole “free as a bird” artsy spirit metaphor went just a little too far. We were too busy waiting for Aria’s ear to take flight to even wonder what A was up to!

The contrasting stripes and boxy shift dress weren’t a great starting point, but the brocaded motorcycle cap is what really pushed this outfit over the edge. Squashing those gorgeous curls under this leathery headpiece is a crime more painful than anything Mona could come up with.

Seriously, Aria? Not even Wonder Woman could rock that skirt. Although, wearing clothes made out of Saran wrap will make the cleanup process easier after a night of digging up graves – all she’ll need is a damp sponge!

Two clashing animal prints is enough to put anyone on our Worst-Dressed List, but Aria took it a step further by adding a third print in the form of this boxy, rumpled blazer. On the bright side, those stripes will help her feel right at home when she gets thrown in Fashion Jail.

We could almost let the bunny face tank slide (maybe on Easter?) if everyone’s favorite little Liar hadn’t paired it with two different metallic pieces. All that reflective clothing can’t make it easy to sneak past A in the middle of the night.

Disregarding the fact that no one’s worn a lacy slip like that since our great-grandmothers were in high school, we’re pretty sure even then they were supposed to be worn under your skirt, not over it. Combining this vintage horror with those chunky, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters-style boots is definitely no way to show off your legs.


Don’t worry, Aria, we still love you… even if you do dress like a blind thrift shop addict every now and then. Better luck next time!