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A few weeks ago, the new racially diverse emojis became available for iPhone users. Collegiettes everywhere are probably delighted by the fact they can now be the sassy emoji girl in multiple, flawless skin tones. The most recent iOS update also provided us with all of the random flags we could ever want. Although the new flags are definitely a noteworthy addition to our daily conversations, there are probably a few other emojis that would be slightly more helpful to have. Here are 13 emojis should totally exist by now.

1. The “Netflix” Emoji

When to use it: To explain to your friends why they will not be seeing you for the next few hours (or days).

2. The “I just pulled an all-nighter” Emoji

When to use it: After you watch one too many Netflix episodes and then realize you have a paper due the next day.

3. The “Starbucks” Emoji

When to use it: When you’re basic and proud.

4. The “Kylie Jenner” Emoji

When to use it: Those days when your selfie game is too strong and you didn’t even have to do the Kylie Jenner Challenge to achieve it.

5. The “Chipotle burrito” Emoji

When to use it: To show your excitement that Chipotle now delivers.

6. The “I Can’t Even” Emoji

When to use it: For when you have lost the ability to even.

7. The “Kermit” Emoji

When to use it: For when you want to throw shade but you just decide to sip your tea instead.

8. The “Beyoncé” Emoji

When to use it: When you are too flawless for words and Beyoncé is the only person who can get your point across.

9. The “Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream” Emoji

When to use it: Send this to your friends or make it your Instagram caption instead of having to type out the entire lyric.

10. The “Passive-Aggressive Roommate” Emoji

When to use it: To voice your frustrations with your roommate without having to actually address the situation.

11. The “Kim Kardashian Crying” Emoji

When to use it: When the standard crying emoji just is not enough.

12. The “Polaroid” Emoji

When to use it: The perfect addition to any #TBT picture.

13. The “Friend-Zone” Emoji

When to use it: When the guy that you’re texting just really does not get the point.

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