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The 13 Best Chick Flicks to Watch on Valentine’s Day

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Galentine’s Day just got a whole lot better! Instead of worrying about being alone this year, only concern yourself with what movies you’ll be watching. Make a date with your couch for one (or all) of these feel-good chick flicks this Valentine’s Day

From Amanda Bynes‘ hilarious work as Viola/Sebastian Hastings in She’s The Man and as the impeccable Daphne Reynolds in What A Girl Wants all the way to the OG it girl Audrey Hepburn ruling the screen in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, these leads will supply you with endless laughs, heartwarming moments, and maybe even a few tears. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to revolve around romantic comedies or super serious Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations, sometimes, you just need to celebrate the love between a girl and her BFFs.

So, make sure to grab a ton of your favorite pink, red, and heart-shaped snacks and candies, then whip up some cute and festive Valentine’s Day drinks and get yourself or your friends watching some of the most classic, beloved women-led films. You can even plan a full Valentine’s/Galentine’s spread if you want to make it a full-fledged dinner and movie night. Get your remotes ready, and get cozy for the perfect night.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When all else fails, we can always turn to this classic Audrey Hepburn film that makes us want to be a glamorous New York City socialite.

Quoteworthy line: “People do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance anybody’s got for real happiness.”


Clueless isn’t just a ’90s chick flick; it’s the ’90s chick flick. Fabulous outfits? Check. Witty dialogue? Check. Adorable, young Paul Rudd? Check.

Quoteworthy line: “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.”

What a Girl Wants 

Amanda Bynes longs for a relationship with her long-lost father and when she discovers that he’s a British royal, she embarks on a journey to find him. This movie shows us that our princess fantasies really can come true. 

Quoteworthy line: “No hugging, dear. I’m British. We only show affection to dogs and horses.”

13 Going on 30 

It’s hard to not want to get up and dance along with Jennifer Garner to “Thriller,” and the ’80s flashbacks are priceless.

Quoteworthy line: “Thirty and flirty and thriving.”

Mean Girls

No chick flick list would be complete without Mean Girls, our generation’s favorite movie to quote. How many times can we watch Lindsay Lohan take on the Plastics? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. Plus, you can watch the musical version of Mean Girls in theaters right now, too.

Quoteworthy line: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”


Two best friends make a magical new friend in Sara Paxton who portrays a mermaid named Aquamarine. The power of friendship handles almost every problem in this feel-good movie. Also, if you look closely enough, you might recognize some really familiar and famous faces.

Quoteworthy line: “You scared the salt out of me!”

She’s the Man

Amanda Bynes kills it as a dude in this hilarious movie, which features a hot, soccer-playing Channing Tatum. Yes, please!

Quoteworthy line: “Heels are a male invention designed to make a woman’s butt look smaller. And to make it harder for them to run away.”

John Tucker Must Die

You have to love a movie about three scheming girls getting sweet revenge on the guy who cheated on all of them. And props to Penn Badgley for always looking good while rocking that hairdo!

Quoteworthy line: “I wish it could be simple, like a retro pop song: ‘I want you to want me.’ Boom, end of story – we all live happily ever after.”

Easy A

As the ever-sassy and hilarious Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) reminds us why we love her so much. It’s The Scarlet Letter for the 21st century (but, unlike in your English class, you’ll actually pay attention this time around).

Quoteworthy line: “I want John Cusack holding a boom box outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an ’80s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason.”


This star-studded cast is hilarious! And it truly showcases the power of friendship and forgiveness—the perfect flick for Galentine’s Day.

Quoteworthy line: “Help me, I’m poor.”

Pitch Perfect

Everything about the movie is an ultimate mood-booster, and it’s the perfect blend of funny and heartwarming.

Quoteworhy line: “I’ve wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously.”

To All The Boys: Always and Forever 

This film has all of the ingredients of a modern-day fairy tale. A girl crushes on a boy and the boy actually likes her back?? Seems too good to be true but this romantic movie will soften your heart as you get to know Lara Jean and Peter’s love story, and the final installment is on Netflix!

Quoteworthy line: “What must it be like, to have a boy like you so much he cries for you?”

Someone Great

Sometimes, breaking up and staying broken up is the best thing to… with the help of your girls of course. Gina Rodriguez’s character, Jenny, discovers that when one door opens another one just might close, and that’s perfectly okay. Being a strong, independent woman has everything to with you and no one else. 

Quoteworthy line: “I leave in a week and then I turn 30 and then I die probably. I need one last epic day with my girls.”

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with all these amazing casts of characters, and def don’t forget to enjoy a box of chocolates along the way.

Kelsey is a junior at The Ohio State University where she majors in Journalism. She serves as an Editorial Intern and Contributing Writer for Her Campus, and also writes for U lala. Her hobbies include loitering in cafés, watching '80s movies, and obsessing over British boys with perfect hair. After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work for a fashion magazine or lifestyle publication. You can follow Kelsey on Twitter (@kelseypomeroy) and Instagram (@kelseypomeroy).