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10 TV Character Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume (or two, or three…) can be a frustrating process. You want something unique, but also something that everyone will still recognize. Dressing up as a TV character solves both of these problems, and is super easy and fun to do. We’ve gathered characters from some of the trendiest shows of 2015, so now all you have to do is choose the one you want!

1. Orange is the New Black

Since there are so many different characters for this show, you could either fly solo or grab a group of friends to dress up together! If you decide on this costume just for yourself, it’d probably be best to go with Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes or Red since they tend to be the most well-known.

Red requires a chef’s jacket since that’s her trademark look. You could also add in glasses around your neck and a red wig! For the other three, you could buy khaki or orange scrubs, ID badges and wigs to match, unless you’re Crazy Eyes. Then, you could twist your hair into little knots like she does. Whichever you choose will be an awesome tribute to one of the most popular shows!

2. Dancing with the Stars 

If you’ve seen Dancing with the Stars, you know how dramatic and glamorous their costumes are. This gives you the best excuse to get all dolled up and wear plenty of sparkles! Since you don’t have to choose a particular character, you can also be very creative.

Though there are actual dance costumes and sets you can buy, it’s just as easy to put one together. You might pair a rhinestone bra with a skirt, or wear a frayed skirt with a crop top. The options are endless!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In this breakout comedy on Netflix, Kimmy was trapped in an underground bunker for nearly 10 years. It goes without saying that she’s a little behind the times when it comes to fashion, making this a perfect way to throw fun pieces together for a costume!

Kimmy’s signature color is yellow, so it’s important that you incorporate that into your outfit, whether it be like the cardigan she always wears, or a simple top. For her, yellow comes with pink, so try to find some bright skinny jeans! To complete your outfit, add in colorful sneakers, butterfly clips and a backpack. When it comes time to rock your costume, try to appear lost and confused since Kimmy always is. Easy enough, right?

4. Inside Amy Schumer

We all loved the “Milk Milk Lemonade” video from Inside Amy Schumer, so what better way to pay tribute to her than by imitating her costume? Though she wears multiple outfits throughout the video, the main one is the waitress one.

To create this look, try to find a yellow vinyl skirt with a matching top. You might be able to find a similar uniform to her’s, but if not, mixing and matching works just as well! You’ll also need a white apron and some heels. If you go with this one, be prepared to sing the song the entire night!

5. Pretty Little Liars

This one is SO much fun to do with your friends! There are also different options for the direction of the costumes. To show off your stylish side, your group could imitate the four liars in one of their signature colors — black. Think: dresses, heels, accessories.

If you don’t feel like getting all dolled up, dress as the A team! You could all wear black sweatshirts, gloves and boots, or add in “Red Coat” and “Black Widow.” Red Coat is self explanatory, but for Black Widow, you simply need a lace dress with matching gloves and a veil. Don’t forget to throw up the “shh,” when taking pictures!

6. Scandal

Finding a costume—it’s handled. Who wouldn’t want to be Olivia Pope, even if just for a day? She kills it with every outfit, so this is a great way to have fun AND be fashionable. You can choose to imitate her business look or one of her classic ponchos!

If you really want to nail this look, you could buy an outfit from The Limited’s “Scandal” collection. Kerry Washington herself teamed up with the store’s designers, so you know everything is Olivia Pope approved. If you’d rather put something together on your own, draw inspiration from some of these outfits. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the glass of red wine!

7. Game of Thrones

Dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen is the best way to be glamarous and bada** at the same time. What other costume allows you to conquer free cities and have awesome hair at the same time?!

While you can definitely find a pre-made costume, they tend to be expensive. Instead, choose from her wide range of styles and put something together yourself! Some of the many outfits you can rock include her signature blue dress with gold splattered throughout, or her flowy, metal wedding dress. To really nail this look, you should find a silver blonde wig and loosely curl it! No matter what, though, if you dress up as Daenerys, dragons won’t be the only thing you’re slaying all night.

8. Empire

Ever since it premiered last fall, everyone’s been talking about Empire. One of our favorite characters is, of course, the queen that is Cookie. If you’re looking to show off your inner-sass, this is the perfect costume to do so.

Nothing says Cookie Lyon like a lot of fur, animal print and high heels. Though any sort of fur (or faux) works, your best option is an over-the-top coat. You can even find one for around $20, or head over to Goodwill and search there! Underneath, wear a cheetah or other type of printed dress. For shoes, choose stilettos or high-heeled boots. This outfit won’t be complete without a big attitude though!

9. American Horror Story: Freak Show

There are a varity of characters to choose from with this show; however, one of the more distinct ones is Elsa Mars, HBIC. If you’ve got a group, though, you should definitely incorporate Twisty the Clown, Dandy, Bette and Dotte, and more!

For Elsa, you’ll undoubtedly need to revert to your middle school ways and rock some blue eyeshadow. A pantsuit is your best option, with a shirt and tie underneath. This shouldn’t be a normal pantsuit though — make sure it’s colorful. Curl your hair and attempt to find a ringleader’s (or normal) whip. You don’t have to imitate her German accent, but it’s worth a try!

10. Gossip Girl

This definitely isn’t a new show, but the characters remain timeless. Serena and Blair’s daily wardrobes qualified as Halloween costumes, but nothing beats their classic twists on their school uniforms. 

For Serena, you’ll be aiming for a messier look. Wear a white button up and roll the sleeves back, adding in a loosely tied tie. You’ll need the classic uniform skirt, complete with a pair of heels or short boots and socks. Blair wears the same type of white button up, but usually with the sleeves cuffed or paired with a blazer. Either way, you’ll need a shorter tie,  headband, long socks and flats. Don’t forget the Upper East Side sass you’ll need!


Though these are some of the most popular characters, there are still plenty of others! Whoever you choose to be, make sure to not only dress like them, but act like them as well! Happy Halloween, collegiettes! 

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