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10 Times Kanye Actually Made Sense on Twitter

Kanye West has some of the greatest tweets of ALL TIME! Okay, maybe all time would be an exaggeration—but he’s had some great tweets over the years. Sure, we all love reading his ridiculous rants, but sometimes he actually has a point. If you put aside his controversial tweets that made you go “WTF??!,” you’ll realize that he does make sense at times.

Like that time he spoke the absolute TRUTH about how expensvie college textbooks are.

And let’s be honest, there ARE some fonts that we simply love more than others. 

Admit it, there are some days when you just want an elevator to yourself. 

This might not be the most interesting tweet out there, but it IS technically accurate. 

We’ve been wondering the same thing since The Devil Wears Prada came out, TBH. 

We all talk about how cool ninjas are, but how many of us have actually seen one IRL?

And this is exactly why clean utensils should be used for ALL meals:

This is basically you, whenever a brilliant idea in your head is lost because someone interrupted you: 

When you’re having a great hair and makeup day, but there’s no one around to snap a photo:

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons we learned from Kanye:

Preach, Kanye.

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