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10 Reasons Your Team Needs to Go See ‘The Miracle Season’ Together & Weep

We’ve been waiting oh-so patiently for the premiere of The Miracle Season theaters, and the day has finally arrived! It’s time to get your team together and go out to see a movie that represents the importance of female empowerment, teamwork and determination in the face of personal tragedy. If you’re still not convinced, the following reasons will have you wondering why you ever doubted the perfection of this The Miracle Season

1. It’s based on a true but tragic story

Image: The Gazette

High school senior and volleyball team captain Caroline Found died in a motorbike accident in 2011. 

2. The tournament scenes make you feel like you’re really in the game

Image: LD Entertainment

Don’t worry if your heart starts pounding. 

3. You’ll get some new intimidation inspiration

Image: LD Entertainment

You’ll always be watching the competition. 

4. There’s a love interest, but he’s on the sidelines

Image: LD Entertainment

The best kind of boyfriend cheers you on in whatever you do.

5. The coach-team relationship is literally goals

Image: LD Entertainment

Sure. Sometimes the extra sprints aren’t fun, but she’s there to support you. 

6. You’ll realize that practice really does make perfect

Image: LD Entertainment

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 

7. Every female character is strong

Image: LD Entertainment

There’s no need for the Bechdel test here! 

8. It shows the seriousness of high school sports

Image: LD Entertainment

Daily practices and conditioning aren’t all fun and games. 

9. The ending will give you all the feels

Image: LD Entertainment

Get the tissues ready.

10. You’ll pull your teammates closer during the credits

Image: LD Entertainment

*Cue team bonding moment*

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Emily Schmidt

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Emily Schmidt is a junior at Stanford University, studying English and Spanish. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, she quickly fell in love with the Californian sunshine and warm winter temperatures. Emily writes a hodgepodge of pieces from satiric articles for The Stanford Daily to free-verse poetry to historical fiction. Just like her writing repertoire, her collection of hobbies are widely scattered from speed-crocheting to Irish dancing to practicing calligraphy. When she is not writing or reading, Emily can also be found jamming out to Phil Collins or watching her favorite film, 'Belle.'
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