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10 Real AF Tweets About Becca & Krystal’s Dates on ‘The Bachelor’

Dates during the first official week of a Bachelor season usually equate to modest trips to the beach or a casual helicopter ride, but Arie Luyendyk’s first one-on-one dates on Monday’s episode took an extremely different turn.

Although I loved the down-to-earth realness of first date receiver Becca Kufrin, seeing Arie shower her with fancy dresses and expensive shoes felt a little strange. Have we entered an alternative time zone that’s two months ahead and showing us the final four contestants’ dates? The glitziest gift Rachel Lindsay gave one of her Bachelorette guys was a watch while in Europe, which I guess is like the male equivalent of a coveted dress-and-shoe combo?

Nah, just kidding. It’s totally not.

Krystal Nielson, the second one-on-one date, wasn’t spoiled to the same extreme, but she had the unprecedented task of visiting Arie’s hometown and meeting his family during the competition’s first week. The date got intense pretty quickly, with Arie whipping out baby photos and home videos despite the fact that it was evidence of his past life as Zach Braff. Meeting the Luyendyks also inspired Krystal to open up about her difficult relationship with her family, which is huge for first date conversations.

While the show’s attempts at being more serious sooner could be a good sign, count me among the fans confused about how extra Becca and Krystal’s dates were. Here are 10 of our favorite real AF tweets about these women’s peculiar dates. 

Firstly, the goodies Becca came away from her date with were pretty excessive. Who else thinks that she’ll have to find a stellar hiding spot for those Louboutins when there are still that many jealous women around?

In fact, just how doting Arie was of Becca felt a tad creepy. There is such a thing as coming on too strong. 

In an Instagram moment gone wrong, Becca and Arie’s attempts to launch a confetti release stalled before they essentially triggered a sonic boom. Like…why did there have to be confetti? They were alone? In an abandoned-looking room? 

Becca’s date included a motorcycle, a shopping spree, a B-list celeb appearance and an unnecessarily high confetti budget. So…should everyone just go home now?

“Oh, nvm, we’re just going to slowly introduce the women to Arie’s parents each week. That’ll save us money for another candlelit personal concert by the end of the season!”

Going through the family archives of home videos is cute if you’re at your sister’s baby shower. On a first date, I don’t even want to see a picture of the guy’s bad haircut from two weeks ago. 

Imagine being one of the final two to meet Arie’s parents and all your future mother-in-law can talk about is how nice that Krystal girl was.

Plot twist: Arie proposes mid-season and a new Bachelor arrives…

I mean, I’m down. 

Ultimately, if this episode is any warning of how the season may go, we have many a drastically intimate one-on-one to look forward to. If there are any dates that require Arie to put on scrubs or a white lab coat a la Braff’s J.D., I’m totally fine with this faster pace.

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.