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10 Moments When Raven’s Goodbye on ‘The Bachelor’ Just About Killed You

We had to say goodbye to Raven Gates on The Bachelor Monday night, and for those of us who were Team Raven, it was a bittersweet ending to one of the franchise’s worst seasons. On one hand, HELLO, Raven was the best choice for the winner! One the other hand, Nick Viall is, well, vile. So maybe she’s better off without him. In any case, here are a few signs that Raven’s goodbye was almost too much for you.

1. When you saw Raven’s meeting with Nick would be first, you almost had a heart attack.

2. Raven made her speech about loving Nick, and you were like….

3. But then you saw Nick’s face.

4. And you were all…

4. You thought the way Raven reacted was just so GRACIOUS.

5. Raven was talking about not being able to find love, and you were right there with her.

6. You could barely even stand to watch Vanessa’s proposal.

7. But you made it through. Barely.

8. You thought Raven looked SO AMAZING on ‘After the Final Rose.’

9. And when Nick and Vanessa talked about their relationship, you were like…


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