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Yesterday my mom and I did a Zumba class together at the YMCA that we go to!  It was… interesting!  Zumba is like a Latin dance fitness class- so it sort of feels like an exercise class, sort of like a dance class, but you definitely feel like you’re working out!

I always mean to try out exercise classes at the gym and then just end up doing my own workout and not making it to the classes, but I saw this one on the schedule and my mom and I just decided to do it!

15 minutes into the hour-long class, my mom was panting and I was sweating.  It was quite the workout and a lot of fun!  Neither my mom or I really got the hang of the moves, so it was pretty funny.  The instructor was an amazing dancer, but most of the other people in the class were not, so we felt ok!

So my conclusion is that it was a fun way to mix up my workout, but I don’t think I’ll be going to the class every week, but it’s fun for a change once in a while!

Have you ever tried Zumba?  Or are there other exercise classes you like at the gym?  Let me know by leaving a comment!

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