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4 Networking Groups that Will Lead You to Your Dream Writing Job

It’s that time of the year again when the hunt is on for a summer internship or, dare I say it, a post-grad job. The search has only become more difficult and complicated due to the pandemic, which has highlighted the struggle of navigating the pros and cons of remote or in-person positions. Scrolling through pages of editorial positions on Indeed, which so often bring you to a “writing” position at a bank, or sending in 10+ resumes and cover letters to impersonal application portals, can become tiresome and stressful. Did they even receive my application? Will I ever get a response? Do I really want to sell my soul to capitalism? 

These are all important questions that can be resolved by approaching the job search in a somewhat backdoor way. I am a member and follower of various groups on Facebook and Instagram that not only function as a platform to network with other writers and people in related fields, but also as an informal job board. Through these groups, I have had more success finding positions, because posts about jobs often contain an email address you can contact — not to mention, publications, companies and publishing houses you may not be aware of will begin to populate your feed. Another hallmark of these groups is that you automatically have a circle of people who will be honest about when a salary is too low or a company is known to be toxic.

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So, if you are not finding the results you want via typical job search engines, apply to these networking groups. For most, you just need to answer a few questions and will then be admitted, while others don’t require an application process.

Her Campus Alumni

Okay, so this may be an obvious one, but the Her Campus Alumni network is a must for networking. If you are in any way involved with Her Campus and are about to graduate, you can ask to join their Facebook and LinkedIn pages where members post questions and opportunities. Although the Her Campus job board is another fantastic resource, the beauty of the alumni group is that it is a community to ask questions about remote jobs, inquire about mentorship opportunities, and start conversations with potential mentors. The job search can often feel overwhelming and isolating, but having virtual groups like these makes the whole process a lot less impersonal. Askings questions or replying to posts in the comment section is also a great way to practice networking.

Binders Full of Writing Jobs v2.0

Binders Full of Writing Jobs was introduced to me by a Connecticut College alumna years ago, and it has proven to be a great resource when looking for writing jobs and submissions. The group has recently switched moderators and is now called Binders Full of Writing Jobs v2.0. The new admins have done a fantastic job of making this space inclusive, and holding users accountable for their actions within the group. I have personally found job and freelance opportunities, as well as internships and editorial fellowships via this group that I would not have otherwise come across. If I apply to a role, I often leave a message in the comment of the post saying so, as sometimes the person who posted the opportunity is often a point of contact.

Another great aspect of this group is that there is a lot of transparency regarding salary which I appreciate as a soon-to-be-grad. It can be scary reaching out to an editor or hiring coordinator, but members will often include a more specific email than “[email protected][insert].com,” which comes in clutch when following up with your applications. There is also a new weekly thread feature where members can submit any questions or concerns they have — another perfect opportunity to share about your job search and ask those who may have more experience in the field.

Binders Full of Intersectional Food Jobs

I only recently came across Binders Full of Intersectional Food Jobs, but as someone who is interested in food journalism, this Facebook group has proven to be another great resource. The group is also very active, with weekly threads of job opportunities. It is important to mention that this Binders group prioritizes BIPOC, trans, and non-binary voices. Members are reminded to use gender-neutral language and include trigger warnings if applicable, as well as not to use AAVE if non-Black or ableist language if able-bodied. Those who identify as white and/or cis(het), are also reminded to be cognizant of how much they talk in spaces such as these, which are often dominated by white, cis and hetero voices. This Binders group is also very transparent about pay rates which are important to keep in mind when entering an industry for the first time.

Freelancing Females

I learned of Freelancing Females via Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Youtuber Katty Bellotte (@kattybellottee) who gave tips for navigating the world of freelancing in a YouTube video. Since her praise for this Facebook group, which is a platform for freelancers to ask questions and support one another in succeeding in this career path, I have also followed Freelancing Females on Instagram. Although I’ve found more success in finding relevant jobs in the aforementioned groups, Freelancing Females also has a job board with opportunities you may not find via a Google search. I also enjoy the Instagram takeovers that feature inspiring professionals who spill the tea about freelancing, including what it’s like working from home, what the usual rates are, and the importance of self-care. During these takeovers, I often submit questions about freelancing as a way to practice reaching out to potential mentors.

If you are hitting a wall in your job search, I recommend joining these groups and taking a different approach to finding jobs, which may mean sliding into DMs and using Facebook more than ever before.

Elizabeth Berry

Conn Coll '21

Elizabeth Berry is an English and Italian Studies double major at Connecticut College with a passion for journalism. She enjoys overnight oats, traveling to new cities, and reading the night away.
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