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Wing Women Wanted!

Imagine getting paid for a night out. Getting paid $65/hr! Just for chatting up other gals at a bar? Sounds too good to true, right?

Well, it’s not.
Wing women are a popular dating trend cropping up in major cities across the country. How does it work? A man solicits an agency and is provided with a young, attractive female for the night. Her task? To get the guy a date by night’s end.

The wing woman is escorted to the bar by the guy and she pretends that they are friends. Once the guy has selected someone that he is interested in, the wing woman simply has to start chatting with the other woman and casually bring the guy into the conversation.  The rest is up to him.

Wingwomen.com named some pretty humorous advantages of a wing woman:

  1. Domino Affect: Women are attracted to men who have women around them more than men with other men around them.
  2. Limited Resources: Women want what they can’t have.
  3. Let the Games Begin: Women are jealous and love to compete with each other.
  4. Icebreakers:  Women tend to lower their defenses around men who are surrounded by other women – it’s a stamp of approval.
  5. The Easy Introduction: Once two women have developed a rapport between each other, it makes it easier for a guy to make his move.

Whether or not these “advantages” are true, the wing women effect does have me thinking.  Would I be more attracted to guy if he was with another woman?  




I choose option B!  A girl by a guy’s side is a definite “stamp of approval” and much better than his sleezy “bro” who is hitting on my uninterested friend.  Sometimes guys come across as desperate or aggressive – a wing woman would eliminate these problems.  And if a woman is starting up the conversation, yay for no more cheesy pickup lines!  One agency lays out the truth pretty artfully:

A single man alone = pathetic (Where are his friends?)

A guy and his pack of male friends = intimidating

A guy with a small group of friends, at least one woman present = proof he's not a creep

What happens next is questionable. How does a guy explain to a future date that he hired a wing woman to meet her? Maybe he appeared confident at the bar, but this admission may veer on the side of pathetic. Or it could be interpreted as genius?I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

Either way, one thing is for sure, a wing woman trumps a wing man.  Go girls!

Alexa is a senior at Boston College majoring in Communications with an emphasis in journalism. She is spending her fourth and final year at BC enjoying tailgates, theme parties, and life long friendships. That is, of course, when she isn’t busy writing for or reading one of her favorite magazines. As a self-proclaimed magazine addict, Alexa has a subscription to over a dozen glossies and sometimes buys more on the news stands. Yikes! In the past, she has even interned for a few: Seventeen magazine, Boston magazine and now she joins Her Campus. In her free time Alexa enjoys reading chic lit., working out to bad reality TV reruns, and indulging her addiction to fro-yo. She is interested in pursuing a career at a women’s lifestyle magazine.
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