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Why This Leadership Program Is Better than a Summer Internship

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Some internships let you test out a career and network with fascinating people. Other internships have you on coffee runs or performing high-level tasks you haven’t been trained in. Every internship is different, and while having a summer internship is definitely something you should complete during your college career, there’s not always a guarantee that you’ll walk away from that internship having developed the personal leadership and career readiness you need to enter the workforce.

What if we told you a program exists that equips you with the same potential benefits and skills as a summer internship, BUT also empowers women with education, leadership skills and self-confidence? Not to mention it’s at the place where boss women like former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69, broadcast journalist Diane Sawyer ’67, and more incredible women started their legacy. That’s what you can experience throughout the Contemporary Women’s Leadership Program during One Wellesley Summer – and real talk, it’s as life-changing as it sounds.

Here’s how the program works:

A select group of driven undergraduate women from around the world spend a five-week summer at Wellesley College just outside of Boston, taking two full credit bearing courses related to leadership, gender and diversity in the workplace, followed by an experiential week spent in reflection and networking with accomplished female leaders and Wellesley College Alumnae. You get to take part in tradition and live in the historic Wellesley residence halls (just think of the Hogwarts castle!), while exploring leadership and gender from an intersectional perspective. Overall the program is designed to help you learn about the history of women in the workplace and determine the type of leader you want to be, but don’t be fooled – One Wellesley Summer is intensive. After all, Wellesley is growing the next generation of female leaders, and the best leaders find personal success through challenge.

Participating in this program can offer experiences a summer internship can’t. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Hone your inner leadership through immersive personal growth activities, learning how to be an effective leader.
  • Build your career development by networking in the field with women leaders across professional fields.
  • Build friendships and bond with motivated women from around the world. Your Summer Sisters will be the ultimate girl boss squad!
  • Work closely with renowned Wellesley faculty to learn and prepare for challenges women face in the workplace.
  • Gain insight into yourself and your career goals in order to succeed during and after college.

One Wellesley Summer helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, so that when you enter the workforce you’re not just blending in – you’re stepping up, taking charge, and changing the world. As if you weren’t already sold, Wellesley is giving away a $500 scholarship to every Her Campus reader who is admitted, so get your juices flowing and learn more about the Contemporary Women’s Leadership program now. The application deadline for international students is April 15, and for domestic students May 15.

There’s so many amazing things that can be done in one summer when you choose to spend it at Wellesley. This is the first step in making your story part of history.

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