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“What I Learned From My Summer Internship”: Take These Girls’ Advice

Now that summer internships are over, we’re back at school for the fall semester.  But it always helps to reflect on the internship experience and take what you learned so you can get to the next level of your career. Whether you leave on your last day knowing exactly what you want to do with your career, exactly what you don’t want to do with your career, or just being proud of what you accomplished this summer, it is always nice to leave having taken something away from it. Check out what college girls across the country learned as they took over the world as summer interns!

“This summer I interned at a magazine in my hometown (Bethlehem, Penn) called Lehigh Valley Marketplace…I was working for the Editor-in-Chief and for the Associate Publisher of the magazine, so I got to see how magazines are produced from both ends. It’s cool—now I can pick up magazines in the grocery stores and tell my friends the difference between saddle stitch and perfect bound magazines, or the different brightness and pound stocks of paper. They’re not exactly interested, but one thing this internship did for me was get me obsessed with all sides of the magazine industry!”
– Jen Kach, Penn State

“Being a publicity intern at Big Hassle in New York, I learned that in order to reap any benefits from an internship, you need to really, really love what you’re doing. You need to live and breathe it, not to sound overly dramatic, but it’s all about showing up on the first day and giving it your all.” 
– Katherine Meizner, Smith College
“Interning in the fashion industry (Nanette Lepore) has taught me there’s no such thing as too little sleep and working all hours of the day to get ahead. College is a breeze compared to the real world so enjoy it while you can. I also took away that you are always proving yourself to the people you’re surrounded with. Always step up to the task and never doubt the responsibilities they will give you.”
– Emily Dyess, Emerson College
“I had an internship at a local magazine in my town this summer. I learned a lot about journalism and marketing skills, such as word tagging for search optimization and how important the internet and certain media skills are for marketing your company.”
– Avery Lucas, Elon University

“This summer, I interned with FOX 11 KTTV as a production intern for both FOX 11 News and Good Day LA. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about news or producing besides knowing that I want to go into broadcasting as an anchor or host. I learned so much about every aspect of news. One of the most important things I learned from my internship is not to be scared of the real world post-college. I love college and hope my last two years go by slowly, but I am also now excited to start my career.”
– Elizabeth Wagmeister, University of California at Santa Barbara
“My internship gave me the knowledge and power that I need to survive in the real world. I learned that it is vital to make contacts and keep in touch with your former supervisors, as they will help you in landing a full-time gig. Summer internships are what you make of them, and in order for them to be amazing you have to always go above and beyond the norm.”
– Jenna Todoroff, University of Missouri

“While interning at Boston Common Magazine, I learned that if you aren’t doing anything, you should always ask, and even if they don’t have anything to do they will remember that you were the person that could always help.”
– Becky White, Emerson College

“This summer I completed an internship at Dial-Global which is an independent, full-service radio network, that offers formats, prep, programming, jingles & imaging as well as nation advertising sales representation. I worked side by side with the Radio Tours Talent Booker assisting with celebrity radio interviews and contacted affiliate radio stations and organized interview schedules. Next, I learned about audio production, editing, copying archiving interview audio and eventually conducted my own Radio Tours.  Throughout the internship, I learned the day-to-day operation behind the creating of a morning show prep service by assisting the editorial staff with research by scouring the internet for relevant and breaking news stories.”- Sarah Robertson, James Madison University
“As an accounting intern, I learned to give my best effort regardless of the task.”
– Jessica Gander, University of Hartford
“I learned it’s impossible to know everything. So ask and use resources like the internet for research.”
– Carlene Helble, James Madison University
“This summer I interned at Working Mother magazine in New York. I was nervous my first day because it was my first job in the real world. I was only used to working with organizations in high school and college, and now I had crossed into the professional realm! I learned that while making the leap from student to professional can be scary, your co-workers know what you’re going through and are very willing to take you step by step and offer advice.”
– Quinn Cohane, Bowdoin College
Quinn Cohane, Bowdoin College
Carlene Helble, James Madison University
Sarah Robertson, James Madison University
Elizabeth Wagmeister, University of California at Santa Barbara
Avery Lucas, Elon University
Jen Kach, Penn State
Jessica Gander, University of Hartford
Becky White, Emerson College
Emily Dyess, Emerson College
Katherine Meizner, Smith College
Jenna Todoroff, University of Missouri

Victoria Guerrera, 2011, from Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a junior Print and Multimedia Journalism major at Emerson College in Boston. Victoria started out as a Features Writer for em magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine at Emerson College, then became the Features Editor her sophomore year, and is now a Co-Editor-in-Chief of em magazine. Victoria has been a summer editorial intern for Us Weekly Magazine and Hartford Magazine. She enjoys shopping, playing volleyball, Andy Warhol, celebrity news, watching Project Runway marathons, and reading tons of magazines. After college, Victoria plans to pursue a wonderful career as a magazine journalist.
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