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What are those new orange buttons all over the place? …and other changes on HC

There are so many new things on HerCampus.com! If you haven’t noticed, some of the recent additions to the site include those Orange Buttons (which I will get to in a minute!), a whole bunch of new blogs, a pretty drop-down menu, and a weekly playlist! Here’s a quick breakdown of all of our new features and the technology behind them, for your benefit and education :)

The Orange Buttons
These are RSS Feed buttons. What’s an RSS Feed? It’s actually pretty difficult to explain, but here’s my best shot (Wikipedia does a better job): an RSS feed is an aggregation of a site’s newest content — in HC’s case, articles. I created a few different feeds, each of which comes with its own cute orange button: one for all of our main HC content (that’s the stuff you read each day in Style, Health, etc); one for The Founders’ Blog posts; and one for all of the HC Blogs.

Tech Tip: If you subscribe to any or all of these feeds (by clicking the appropriate orange button), you’ll never miss the latest story right when it’s published because your feed will automatically update! Of course, the feed will only display a brief preview — you’ll have to come back to our site to read the full article (and vote on the Poll of the Day)!

New Blogs!
Our new blogs are:

  • The Writers’ Blog – I love this already!! See what our amazing team of writers is up to in their day-to-day. You’ll want to read this blog carefully ’cause these girls will be America’s leading journalists before you know it!
  • Catwalk to Campus – Three amazingly stylish ladies (my roommate Megan O’Keefe and HC writers Danielle Schivek and Elyssa Goodman) will be contributing to HC’s new fashion blog! Check out the first post here :)
  • HC-Approved! We wrote about this already in this blog’s opening post, but HC-Approved! will be a fun product review blog in which we’ll give you guys a sample of our newest favorite things!

The latest posts from all of these blogs are listed under “From the HC Blogs” on the right-hand column. And I can’t resist saying YAY ORANGE BUTTONS! You can subscribe to an RSS feed of everything from the HC Blogs by clicking the one right under that list :)

Drop-down Menu
Self-explanatory. Look out for some more menu items coming shortly…including a drop-down entitled “Fun!” Oh me oh my, what could that be? :)

Weekly Playlist
Have you heard of Grooveshark before? It’s powering our playlist and is seriously life-changing. Don’t like what Pandora’s spitting out for you? No problem — create your own playlist on Grooveshark! Any song, anytime. It’s like on-demand radio. We love it so much.

Tech Tip: Create your own playlist at www.grooveshark.com! You can even download it as a widget (as we have) and stick it on your own website/blog, iGoogle, or even your Twitter page! Sweet!