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What Your Best Morning WFH Routine is According to your Zodiac Sign

Getting ready for work was hard enough back when physical office space was a thing (remember that?), but remote work has us all reorganizing our schedules in a tizzy. With commuting time, ritual coffee runs and the struggle of straightening hair at 6:30 a.m. pretty much obsolete, there are endless ways to spend this glorious extra time in the wee hours. From those energizer bunnies who still do spin class at 4 a.m. to the rest who stumble out of bed to their company-issued laptop, there’s a morning WFH routine for every Zodiac sign.


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Aquarius employees have an independent, intellectual flare and don’t like wasting time in the morning. Instead of snoozing alarms and snuggling up, you’ll find an Aquarius listening to the Philosophize This! podcast while sipping on a cold brew. They’ve got several side projects brewing at one time, and often delay logging into their computers until their creative personal work is finished. After all, their day job is monotonous compared to their swirling ambitions. 


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Catch a Pisces starting their day by writing effusively in a lavender-colored dream journal, their mind half stuck in their dreams from the night before. Pisces are intuitive, empathetic and generally chill employees — in fact, they hardly noticed a change in going from the office to WFH. A Pisces brews homemade lattes in the morning and reserves Friday mornings for making latte art. 


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Aries are bold, energetic and fearless, figuring out ways to lead and be creative from the second they wake up. Aries are thrilled with the WFH life because they use the extra morning time for an explosion of hobbies, such as morning hikes, reading marathons or listening to podcasts while taking walks. The extra time isn't wasted; in fact, Aries become more productive than ever while working from their living rooms.


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Ah the green thumb of the bunch, the Taurus sign! Taurus’ are known for being earthy, reliable and patient, a bedrock in this tumultuous world. In the mornings, they’re dutifully at their laptops at 8 a.m. and brew their tea or coffee exactly like they did in the office, but they might spend a few minutes admiring their succulent collection on the patio or marinating their chicken for dinner before opening Outlook.


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Geminis are expressive and sociable creatures, so the abrupt transition to WFH life was difficult. However, Gemini are also fearless and adaptable to new situations, so they spend their mornings Facetiming family, listening to the WSJ or NYT daily podcasts or chatting up the local barista (wearing a mask, ofc). Gemini are also uber curious, so they consult other friends and co-workers about how they use their newfound morning free time. 


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Cancer signs are suckers for tradition and reliving the past, so they definitely miss a stable office routine. In order to feel productive, Cancers spend the morning doing their hair, layering on the makeup and wearing business casual even though everyone else on the team is in tank tops and sweatpants. For a real ‘90s vibe, Cancers also get a physical newspaper in the morning and inspect the news like it’s a company requirement. 


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Leo signs are passionate from the moment they wake up, and waste no time in the a.m. They’re likely to go on an intense five mile run and scarf down a rich bowl of blueberry oatmeal or spinach mushroom eggs to replenish their energy. Even if they’re late to their first team meeting of the day, Leo’s will take charge and lead with bravado. 


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More detail oriented and prone to perfectionism than the rest of us, Virgos wake up around 8 a.m. and start categorizing their email inbox right away. Seriously, Virgos cannot stand straggler emails that haven’t been put in the proper color-coded folder. Virgos are also known to create elaborate to-do lists, and feel supreme pleasure when checking an item off. Their favorite beverage in the morning? An icy rush of Blue Bottle Coffee to wire up the day. 


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Libras have no problem spending $7 on a venti Frappuccino at Starbucks every morning (although their bank account might disagree with that) and spend at least 15 minutes journaling about their emotions and thoughts before logging on. Libra girls are social and find the WFH routine drab, so they often spice it up by chatting with their gal pals or family in the a.m. 


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Scorpios love having control first thing in the morning, and wake up early to do an at-home spin class or ab workout. They're fierce, and have no problem setting meetings at 7:30 a.m. to catch their superiors off guard. They don’t waste money at coffee shops, instead brewing their Americanos the night before and using their spare time to plan their next career moves. They unabashedly surf LinkedIn before the sun is even up and grind on ambition all day long. 


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Rolling out of bed and stumbling to their first meeting, bleary eyed and with drool stuck to their mouth, Sagittarius’ have one hell of a morning. They’re half asleep until around noon, when their real energy and charisma starts peeking through the fog. However, Sagittarius’ have such a warm personality (not to mention their humorous nature), that their managers and coworkers don’t even care. Sagittarius’ are definitely the most well-rested of us all. 


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If only Sagittarius gals had the discipline of Capricorns, who are known for being steady as a rock in the corporate machine. Forget waking up hungover on a Wednesday morning or missing early meetings — Capricorns are more diligent than ever when working from home. Their pandemic mornings are identical to their office habits: wake up at 7, get dressed at 7:30, eat breakfast at 8 and start working promptly at 9, like clockwork. Capricorns can be know-it-alls, but their coworkers appreciate their knowledge and hard work in this 100% virtual world. 

I get it: WFH during COVID is one strange experience a lot of us are grappling with now. Whether you love the freedom of working remotely or dislike not seeing your coworkers for months on end, everyone has their own tricks and ways of adapting. From catching up on sleep to penning the next great American novel, every Zodiac sign is making it work!

Mackenzie Patel is a proud 2020 Gator Grad and an accountant for Honeywell Aerospace. She has previously worked at Spoon HQ and written countless articles about food, lifestyle and culture. She LOVES yoga and classic literature (special shout outs to Cicero and Hemingway).
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