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Want New Stuff? Swap It!

I love new things. Books, movies, clothes, you name it. The problem is, as an unemployed college student and a victim of my dad’s credit card (to be fair, he’s usually super generous), I can’t exactly spend as much money as I would like to! Recently (through Her Campus!) I heard about Swap.com, and even though I haven’t actually
 used it yet, I’m in love with the idea.

Basically, this is how it works: you make a list of things you want to get rid of (you know, that video game you begged your parents for but only played twice). Then you find things that you’d like to swap your stuff for. Then, Swap.com does the rest. How cool is that!?

In order to fully understand how the website works, I decided to see what stuff I could get in exchange for the third season of The OC (I’m still not over the fact that Marissa died – the show just went downhill from there  – so I can’t even watch it anymore). It turns out I could actually swap it for The Notebook, Sex and the City – the movie, Marley & Me (I absolutely love cute dogs), Blood Diamond, any of the Harry Potter books, DDR 2, FIFA Soccer 08, the Grease original soundtrack, and 27,917 other items. Wow!
All you have to pay for is either a 50 cent or a dollar fee for each thing you swap, plus shipping. Not bad, huh?
Unfortunately for me, so far, you can only swap books, CDs, movies, and video games through the website. I’d love it if you could swap clothes and jewelry as well (okay, some of you might find the clothes idea gross, but I love vintage shopping and thrifting, so same thing, right?)!
However, if you’re looking into swapping clothes, check out The Swapaholics!
Happy swapping, and go crazy, because it pretty much won’t cost you a thing!
Also, check out Windsor’s post on Her Campus’s partnership with Swap.com

Debbie Lechtman is a sophomore at Syracuse University majoring in magazine journalism. In addition to interning at Her Campus this winter, Debbie writes for the Syracuse branch of Her Campus. She is also on the Syracuse gymnastics team and has written for several publications on campus. Debbie loves writing, Anthropologie, evil eye charms, and her dog, Justin Bobby. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in either journalism or advertising.
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