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UT’s Annual Party on the Plaza is Hot Hot Hot!

The scorching Texas sun is not for the faint-hearted or delicate-skinned. Our six months of summer and two weeks of winter demands for a certain genetic adaptation that allows us to beat the heat! 

Bayley and Madeleine tabling at the noon shift.

Today, the Her Campus Texas team tabled at the largest student organization fair of the year called Party on the Plaza. From 9am to 4pm, 20 members of our staff braved the unbearable heat as we shoved flyers in people’s faces, talked about Her Campus, recruited more team members, and asked all passer-bys to check out our site. It didn’t take 20 minutes before the sweat started poring out of our bodies as if our pores had suddenly decided to open up their floodgates and release all of the water in our bodies – it must be some sort of preservation technique! 

Angela, kicking off the day at 10am with an organized table!

I have to say, we were definitely the best looking group out there, donning our glamorous Her Campus shirts. Who wouldn’t envy our incredibly cute shirts? But to the disappointment of many, we were not giving any away for free this time around (buy them online!). 

Linda travels to the shaded areas to show off our cute shirts and hand out flyers.

So now that I’ve scrubbed off the dirt and sweat and given my poor feet a little bit of rest, I noticed some red on my arms that don’t seem to be going away. Yes, my friends, I’m sunburned – that’s the price of standing in the blazing heat of Texas. 

Perhaps, Her Campus will design some tank tops for us southern belles ;) 

Fans are hot commodities at events like these!

Bernice Chuang is a fourth year double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Communication Studies-Human Relations and doing the Business Foundations Program (aka business minor) at the University of Texas at Austin. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Bernice is a fan of good country music and yummy barbeque! At UT, Bernice is a resident assistant at an all-female residence hall and currently serves as a senator representing her residence hall, Kinsolving, on the Resident Assistant Association. She also leads a small group bible study for Asian American Campus Ministries and sings with her campus ministries’ a cappella group. When she’s not juggling her various roles and commitments, Bernice enjoys exploring downtown Austin, shopping with her fellow RA staff members, reading books on faith and spirituality, learning how to cook and tackling various dessert recipes, and spending quality time with friends.
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